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Welcome to our  online community - we're so glad you're here!!


Under the Myrtle Tree is space we created just for YOU to help you along your wellness journey-mind, body and soul.  Feel free to browse around to learn and grow, 



Our heart is to connect you with the resources you'll need to make confident decisions for your family's health and wellness.   Why? Because you matter-and what goes on and in your body matters too.   It's our passion to empower you to healthier choices through simple changes, over time, that lead you to living confidently well!


Hi friend, My name is Krista, and I am so excited that you're here! I'm a mama to two amazing kids-and life gets busy. But what I love is how simple and natural this transition to low tox living and healthier choices can be.


In a world full of so much uncertainty, I feel prepared and equipped to take care of my family and manage most of what life throws at us. My husband and I started this wellness journey years ago and it's been our passion to help others experience the blessing of this lifestyle too!


We remember what it felt like the first time we tried an essential oil and realized that this plant juice was literally so powerful. I was sold on that immune support!! But I also remember feeling unsure where to start and how to use our new tools and what supplements and household products we'd want to choose. And so our goal has become to simplify these tools for you and teach you the practicality of incorporating them throughout your day! 

This site is a collaboration of many things we're passionate about. And all these things point to living in a healthy way. We're so glad you're here and we hope you'll plan to stay a while. Subscribe below for all the fun!