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Welcome to our Video Course Page where you can purchase coaching trainings ala cart! Video trainings are pivotal to increasing growth and learning fresh, new skills. Simply click your desired video to take you to your purchase screen. Thank you for being here and may you be blessed by our content. 

Narrowing Your Niche & Creating A Profitable Brand - $75

Scaling your business and defining your niche are THE most critical steps in successfully growing any business. Together, in this video training, we will walk through an interactive approach to determining your niche and, in turn,  identifying your target audience.  


Jam packed with relevant content to help you work through self-discovery and make your impact even more effective. Complete with Q & A portions that will allow you to pause the video and work through in real time.


If you're ready to fulfill the portion of your business that's been stopping you from achieving the growth you'd like, THIS is the course for you!