Essential oils work with the limbic system of the brain, also known as the “smell brain.”

There are over 50,000,000 receptor neurons located in the limbic system which send a message to the olfactory bulb. These neurons were created to react to the smells and then send a message which is produced after the scent is detected and then it is used to communicate with areas of the brain that deal with our emotions, basic thought processes and behaviors.

Our sense of smell can even trigger childhood memories which shows us the power of our senses and how they can be used for our overall well being.



Confidence – Cypress, Fennel, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Orange, Pine

Productivity – Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary


Peace – Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Juniper, Tranquil, Peace and Calming

Happiness – Joy, Orange, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Geranium

Positivity – Basil, Lemon, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Geranium


PEACE & CALMING (1 & 2):

What:  A calming blend of citrus oils, patchouli and spruce that calms the mind and emotions!


Where: we love to make a P&C roller our favorite carrier and apply to the wrists, neck and chest.


Why: to work with the mind and body to promote feelings of relaxations and peace, releasing worry and stress. Supports our natural ability access the ‘zen’.


How: Apply diluted 1:1 as mentioned above, diffuse alone or with orange, lavender or other calming oils, make a linen or lullaby spray, wear as a perfume!


What: an uplifting blend of citrus and floral oils that invites joy and togetherness when worn or diffused.


Where: we love applying Joy directly over the heart, to the wrists,

wearing as a perfume, as a part of the Happy Mama Roller!


Why: our favorite for releasing sadness, feeling alive in little moments, finding purpose. This blend is good for releasing misery, worry, discouragement, grief.


How: Apply directly, pair with citrus oils, inhale directly from the bottle and repeat positive affirmations, diffuse with frankincense or bergamot + tangerine!



What: a powerful blend of oils for releasing toxic feelings, anger or bitterness.


Where: apply directly to the front of the throat (that place that tightens just before the tears burst through!!), over the heart.


Why: to help your mind and spirit let go of the negative and access the positive. This blend is good for releasing fear, holding back, and feeling wrong.


How: Apply directly as mentioned above, diffuse alone or with other emotionally supportive oils. Apply liberally and frequently!


What: a bright and happy oil that is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit making it alkaline instead of acidic.

Where: we love pairing lemon with other oils and applying liberally over the heart, on the wrists, sides of the neck, anywhere!

How: Dilute 1:1 with a carrier and apply as mentioned, pair with other citrus oils and Stress Away in a Sunshine Roller, diffuse! Avoid direct sunlight after topical use.



What: an incredibly grounding oil with huge historical significance that uplifts the spirit and improves mood.


Where: apply this supportive oil over the heart, to the crown of the head, behind the ears. Also great for the skin!

Why: our favorite oil for grounding the emotions, finding a place of worth, enhancing spiritual awareness and calming the mind.


How: Apply directly as mentioned, diffuse with Joy, Stress Away or Lavender, especially during prayer or meditation, pair with copaiba for extra zen vibes.



What: a relaxing blend of vanilla, copaiba and lime that instantly transports the mind to white sand and waves.


Where: we keep our Stress Away roller with us at all times! Apply to the wrists, neck, chest, anywhere!


Why: for encouraging feelings of tranquility and peace (for adults and littles!), for relieving normal everyday stress and nervous tension.


How: Attach the roller top from your kit directly to your bottle and apply liberally and frequently! Diffuse alone or with peppermint, lavender or citrus oils.


What: an uplifting blend known as the friend of those walking through many emotions, struggles, and pressures.


Where: we apply to the shoulders, along the spine, on the wrists, behind the ears, at the base of the neck.


Why: this powerful blend helps the mind find a renewed sense of strength and wholeness, neutralize negativity, shame and weakness.


How: Apply directly (we love to add a roller top!), add to a handful of epsom salts for a relaxing bath, diffuse alone or with orange or lavender in the evening.



What: an incredibly uplifting yet calming oil that is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit, making it alkaline.


Where: apply to the neck, wrists, chest, add to a Peace & Calming roller, or pair it with Release and wear as a perfume!


Why: our favorite to add to roller balls, we also love orange in the diffuser to help promote relaxation and to help everyone in the house mellow out!


How: Dilute 1:1 with a carrier and apply as mentioned, diffuse with other favorites (Joy, Black Spruce, P&C even lavender)! We avoid direct sunlight after topical use.



What: a blend formulated specifically to enable the mind to relax and release physical and emotional trauma.


Where: apply to the wrists, neck, temples, over the abdomen, on the bottom of the feet. This is a great perfume oil!


Why: to help us work through unmet expectations, life transitions, difficult experiences and other powerful emotions.


How: Dilute 1:4 with carrier and apply frequently and liberally as mentioned, diffuse. We avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after topical use.


Think of this as the mother of all emotional rollers… calming, supporting, uplifting… ALL IN ONE. This powerhouse combination contains so many of our favorite for all the feels!


10 drops Joy + 8 drops Ylang Ylang + 8 drops Peace & Calming + 6 drops Orange


Amazing emotional support that smells so dreamy and makes a great perfume! Apply frequently and liberally We love rolling this blend onto the wrists, along the neck and onto the chest.


Oils are the perfect way to support all the feels because our brains are naturally wired to connect smell with emotions and memories.


The Great Day Protocol was designed by Gary Young to help set the tone for your day and balance your feelings and emotions . So many of us struggle with the busy and stress that each day brings. Using these essential oils, coupled with prayer and the intentions you set, you will begin to feel a balance and a peace as choose to make it a great day! 

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