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E S S E N T I A L  R E W A R D S 



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Hi Friend!

Young Living has an Essential Rewards monthly wellness box program like a “frequent flyer program.” You get back 10-25% in FREE products when you have a personalized order shipped to you monthly. You save on shipping costs and you can change the contents of your order each month as you try new products! It only takes a few minutes to change your order online each time.

Know you are never required to buy or sell anything with Young Living, but if you are loving your oils/products and want to continue purchasing more, we highly recommend you look into Essential Rewards.

Simply log onto your Virtual Office HERE. Under SUMMARY, on the left hand side, you will see ESSENTIAL REWARDS.

Click on that & follow the prompts to sign up!

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MAKE SURE you are getting FREE SHIPPING with the BRAND NEW YL Go Membership on your Essential Rewards order!  DO NOT FORGET: You can qualify for all the freebies except the ER exclusives TWICE every month with an Essential Rewards and a Quick Order!!! OR... you can qualify for ALL of the freebies (Including ER Exclusives) TWICE if you ENROLL YOUR SPOUSE & Order through HIM as well!! 


If you’re not on Essential Rewards, we have failed you miserably as your friends, and we are so sorry. Please fix that sadness. Here are some wonderful suggestions for boxes full of goodness you could be ordering through Essential Rewards.


Summer Survival:
Weight Loss:
Toxin Free:
Women’s Health:
Men’s Health:


Or fill a box with whatever you like and start earning points back!!!

Who’s excited about free things, and what’s going on your Essential Rewards order this month???