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Sister, I see you.  You know God placed that desire in your heart to start your business. You may have even bravely stepped out, in faith, into that call. So why are you leaving God out of the day to day? YOU KNOW YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE, and you desire to include Him in your work... but how exactly do you get there??


If you're ready to radically change the way you apply your faith in business - this guide's for you. Take the weight of trying to manage things on your own, and cast it onto the One who was meant to carry it. It's time to stop searching and start right.  With an open heart, learn tangible steps, in only seven days!


We'll cover: Mindset & Identity, Prioritizing Faith & Family, Stewarding Your Time & Talents, Prayerful & Purposeful Planning, Faithful Finances, Moving Forward with Purpose, & Honoring Your Sabbath Rest. 


What if instead of trying to follow online trends or embellished income claims to "get rich quick", you created a sustainable, God-centered business from your brilliant ideas and gifts? One that allows you to generate income long-term, passively? Imagine having a business where leads actually come to you  and you don't have to chase people down to buy your product. All because you've invested the time to create an offer of genuine value and transformation for those you serve.

This free intro guide is for you if you're a woman of faith desiring to start your online business but still wonders if you have anything special to offer AND who desires a clear business model that will help you bring your dreams to life!

Exit Hustle Culture Checklist BANNER.png

Ever wonder why the world idolizes busy? The enemy LOVES to distract us from God's work. If you feel like you're falling short because you can't keep up with all the things, know this: Owning your small business doesn't have to feel so hard- there is a simpler way to do things!


Download our free Exit Hustle Culture Checklist and start implementing simple systems of automation in your business, today. It's time to stop striving. It's time to EXIT Hustle Culture. And THIS is your permission slip!


Snag the Armor of God Prayer & Spiritual Battle Plan to find the exact steps to identifying attacks, partnering with God in trials, getting equipped for battle, and finding yourself victorious!


No more fighting alone. No more fear. No more excuses. DEFEAT what the world is throwing at you by applying GOD'S Armor from Ephesians 6, and walking through this battle plan taken directly from God's Word.

10 simple ways cover.png

What would it look like to have full-time access to THE most powerful and successful CEO for wisdom and business strategy? As a Christian Entrepreneur, you already hold the key! In this free guide, I share 10 Simple Ways YOU can make God your CEO - so you can start implementing, today!

*Recently updated with bonus resources to further bless your business.

7 DAYS OF PRAYER (Youtube Banner).png

Are you a Christian Entrepreneur seeking clarity, focus, and Biblical guidance in your daily business endeavors? Our 7 Day Prayer Guide for Christian Entrepreneurs was designed for YOU! This guide provides 7 daily prompts and reflections over key areas of your business to help you connect with God and invite Him in!


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