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10 signs of An Unhealthy Gut

An unhealthy gut affects your immune system, contributes to disease, impacts mental health and prevents you from living out your purpose as the woman God created you to be! Learn the signs of poor gut health and how to improve it -Take the quiz!

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How'd you do? Did you check off one or more? If so, tackling gut health is something to consider!

Gut Health + Hormones + Happy Juice

We know our mood, mental health & sleep all start in our gut. Not our brain. If our gut health is in the tank, so is everything else.

90% of our serotonin levels are created in our gut – it’s our happy hormone!

So if you’re struggling with feeling defeated, sad, anxious, out of balance, in a fog, unmotivated etc.. know that it’s not all in your head and you can change it!

We’ve recently incorporated a few supplements (that easily mix together in a drink we call Happy Juice!) that target the gut-brain axis. They help us naturally increase dopamine, GABA, & serotonin levels in our brain using good strains of bacteria – with so much science behind it! 

I had tried all the things, even other probiotics. But Happy Juice is one of a kind - formulated with specific strains to tackle not just gut health but your mental health and wellness in a very targeted and strategic way. Not adding anything to the body, but allowing it balance the gut microbiome and create the happy hormones it needs!

What is Happy Juice

Happy Juice is for supporting the microbiome and connecting the gut-brain axis. It’s 3 supplements that you can take individually or mix together in one drink:

+ Mentabiotics : combination of unique strains of probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics

+ Edge : all-natural nootropic that supports neuron regeneration, helps with focus and combats mental fatigue


+ Energy+ : options with or without caffeine, clean energy, mental endurance & motivation boost without jitters/crash.

If you like videos, this is a short, 1 minute video on the science. And another quick one by the doctor who formulated it! This one supplement has given me back my life again. I spent 3 full months with constant sickness, extreme mental and physical fatigue (and more), I'd tried everything and this was my missing link. Within just three days began to feel like my vibrant self again! If your body is ready for revival I highly recommend you give it a try! If you have questions and want to chat with me, send me a message here!!

Cliff Notes from the Clinical Studies

60% Decrease in irritability scores
55% Decrease in anxiety scores
50% Decrease in depression scores
49% Reduction in overall distress
70% Increase in good bacteria
211% Increase in positive mood
105% Decrease in negative mood

And all the ingredients are:

+ non-GMO
+ plant based,
+ gluten-free
+ dairy-free
+ soy-free
+ no preservatives,
+ no artificial colors or flavors,
+ no artificial sweeteners

Amare follows above Organic standards and test all throughout the process – at the field, at the extraction/processing and at the finished product.

They test for things that commonly are not tested for like pesticides, heavy metals, pathogens like e-coli and salmonella and even fungi that may have grown on raw material before extraction. They also test for glyphosate/herbicides which is technically allowed in supplements, but we know it’s one of the master toxins and so harmful.

Really strict quality control standards to ensure clean, pure & potent products made it an easy yes to try but also to get behind.


When you want to try some Happy Juice too, you can grab the discounted bundle that includes the 3 supplement powders we mix together (but can be used indiviually too).



+ Happy Juice Pack – includes Mentabiotics, Edge & Energy+
+ Starter Pack (this is what we started with) – everything you need for Happy Juice + MentaSync + MentaFocus

CLICK HERE for $10 off Happy Juice + 3 day Reboot!

– the discount stacks on all the bundles & discounts and includes + a FREE 3 day Reboot

CLICK HERE to grab $10 off Happy Juice + Freebies + Affiliate Upgrade!

For the affiliate side, it’s such an easy product/idea to share because everyone is searching for mental wellness and gut health! We each get a $10 off coupon code to share with others!

We also have a 38% pay out, which is the highest in the industry right now! We are in the fastest growing team in the company, records are being broke every single month. It’s amazing to see what’s happening and I’d love to be able to work with you!

Whether you want to try happy juice for yourself, your kids & family or to make an income while making an impact – we would love to help you! Be sure to message or email me when you grab your happy juice – I have some more goodness to share with you!

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