I'm Kate Strizak, mama of three, wife to Jon, and loving this holistic lifestyle! After years working in the medical world, I began to see that sometimes there are not always typical answers to the problems we see and that some people (probably more then we realize) just do not fit into nice neat and tidy boxes. Having always placed a significant amount of faith in medicine never questioning it much, God began to show me through my own life circumstances that my family didn’t fit into the box either.


It used to be that when there was a problem the first thing I did was pull out the medicine, or go straight to the doctor for advice and then I would follow their advice to the “T”. I have found out the hard way that some of their advice either just didn’t work for us or maybe even was just not accurate. Time after time this happened and it opened my eyes to look into other alternatives out there.

As a mother I began to feel very helpless; the thing I had always trusted in was failing me and I had no answers and no where to turn. We began to seek out holistic options and began to see some fruit in it-but it still wasn't enough. No solution could be found, and nothing makes you feel more helpless than watching your child suffer without an answer.

This turned me back to God, strengthened my prayer life and my relationship with Jesus building a new type of faith and trust. In this, God pointed me to something that has finally begun to make a difference in my children’s life and honestly my whole family’s life.


I had heard of this wellness company for years but I was never in the right head space to jump in. In my desperation I was finally willing to give it a try and the outcome has been so wonderful to see! I am seeing healing in our family in so many ways over this last year, and not just physically. It has turned out to be a piece of the puzzle our family was missing. This continues to pour into our lives from all avenues: the support and love, along with practical options from our community, is never ending. There is always a Mama willing to step up and share and walk along side me. There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see a way out. I have learned to view our health in a new way and it is now the guiding light I use each day.


Have you found yourself in a similar season of life? Are you feeling discouraged or overwhelmed? Come join our private group and learn more! This is an amazing group of women who will link arms with you and who desire to help you find your footing in an uncertain world. Grab your kit below or contact me to get started!

Email: kate.strizakyl@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kate.strizak/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateStrizak


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