Welcome! We are so glad that you are joining us for this exciting and empowering workshop! My heart is to serve moms and families by sharing the tools that have brought my own family so much peace of mind and all around wellness. Our primary topic is essential oils.
So let’s begin with “What are essential oils?”

Essential oils are the “life-blood” of plants, the immune system if you will. Essential oils can be extracted through distillation or cold-pressing. You can find over 600 references to essential oils in the bible for uses form cleansing to anointing. While essential oils are making a come-back with this generation, they are actually an ancient tool used around the world!

Before Young Living, I tried many oils that smelled good, "natural" cleaners, and supplements from the shelf, but honestly didn't find much difference in my health or in the health of my children.
I soon learned that quality and purity matters!
We will dive into exploring more about why you will love introducing Young Living to your own family, and how exactly you will incorporate these tools in everyday life. 
I will give you practical steps, usage, and safety guidelines. As well as explain the difference that quality sourcing and a team of trained scientists can make in your essential oils.

I love Young Living because they have been committed to creating products for purpose, never for profit, for over 25 years! This is evident when you see the difference for yourself- short cuts are never taken! YL has a wide array of products for every need and for every member of the family- babies and pets included!


This company has improved the overall health and safety of my home for the past three years. I have also been very fortunate to utilize the business opportunity as a stay at home mom with a heavy to-do list, in order to not only cover the cost of our Young Living lifestyle, but also provide a supportive income for my household.

I look forward to coming alongside this group of women, hungry for change, ready to be empowered, and watch you take back your post as the gatekeeper of your home!  Get ready for thriving friendships with like-minded women, for  fellowship around the Creator of our bodies and the plants we use, and for embracing this lifestyle of LIVING WELL!

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