Being a mom is hard work. I remember first starting out and going through the process of learning all the things...and just when I’d get to the point where I thought I had mamahood figured out, a new stage would spring up, and life began to change again! It felt like constant upheaval in my mom-ing skills, but  nevertheless, an adventure! I want you to know, not all of it has to feel chaotic!  In a world full of change,and life pulling us in every different direction, one thing is sure. Our love for our family and our mama bear instinct to keep them safe is unwavering. And while we can’t predict the future, we can prepare for it.


Here are three tips I’ve learned to help make it through your day!


Go with the flow and be OK with being a little flexible. 

While some tasks require diligence and timeliness, others can be stretched to enjoy that extra time exploring the outdoors or settling that argument that just spilled forth between your kiddos. Both are learning experiences and allow for teachable opportunities. I used to hate not keeping to task or feeling guilty when I didn’t complete what we had scheduled. And then I realized that my lack of flexibility was causing more stress than it was worth. Your kids will be fine, all the things will eventually get accomplished. But what’s most important is the way we shape our kiddos characters. And sometimes that requires extra time to address those things. I promise you the heart work this will do is worth it! 


No Mom is perfect. 

Stop comparing yourself to those IG mama’s or those friends you think have it all together. Everyone’s life and the things we see are really just a highlight reel. We’re not there for their everyday moments when things aren’t going right. Everyone has fights with their spouse, days when their kids are driving them up the wall and they lose their cool, or times when their little boy’s come inside to tell them that they just ate a grub b/c the neighborhood kids just dared him. No? Just mine? See! We don’t have it ALL together!!! One thing I have learned is to extend grace to yourself through the troubles of the day. You have a mama bear instinct unlike any other for your family. Don't let doubt and fear steal those convictions. If you're going to change the way you do things, let it be knowledge based and not due to comparison. You have the power to choose the life you live. Don't be afraid to adapt as you and your family learn and grow. 


Sickness and germs aren’t something to be feared. 

In fact, it’s actually HEALTHY to allow for a little sickness here and there!! Yes, I said it! It makes our body stronger. But, what I love is the ability we have to support it naturally! Through healthy choices in the grocery store (shop the perimeter friends, there are so many healthier options there!!), to the water we drink, to the chemical free products we buy, as mamas, we are the gatekeepers and can protect their little body’s. That’s exactly why I chose to do some research and to swap out our home to toxin-free. And it’s exactly why I help so many families do this too!

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