Under the Myrtle Tree


On our team we have many friends who are an active part of our community. Women and men, husbands and wives, moms and dads who are truly seeking healthy options. With us, it doesn't stop with you getting just a box of oils- our team contributes to make our space amazing.


These are some of the people that help educate within our community and keep our atmosphere light and fun! Families who share their hearts, testimonies and experiences, as well as oily / wellness tips, tricks to make our space THE place to be. We can't wait to welcome you on board! 


Click the name of the person who referred you here so you can enroll with them, or simply check out each of our profiles to get to know your team a little better! Looking to learn a little bit about the becoming a boss babe too? Our team is THE absolute best full of resources, materials, and a guided mentorship to teach you all you need to know and help contribute toward your success. CLICK HERE to learn more about the opportunity!