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10 Compelling Reasons To Embark On Digital Marketing As A Christian Woman

I'm sure by now you've seen women all over social media making bank sharing digital products - and you're kind of intrigued by the idea. I mean, creating something once and then sharing simple marketing to showcase it within your niche seems easy enough...yet you're still feeling quite intimidated. At one point it was foreign to me too!

As a Christian woman - and especially if you're a mama - this might just be THE perfect venture for you. It's what's allowed me to contribute to my home financially, to be able to afford to homeschool our kids, shop organic, pay off bills, and so many other things. All from the comfort of my own home- without being stuck behind a screen.

Back in the days when I used to do network marketing, I ran 3 very successful businesses. I organized, led, and trained dozens of women -sometimes thousands at a time when tasked with coaching engagements- and I was always SO incredibly busy. Between managing product launches, reaching out to and serving customers, leading events and building teams in business -I found myself stretched thin. So when I stepped away from NWM, I needed something more low-key that would allow me to REST and THRIVE as a wife and mama- whiles still growing a successful business. I found myself having fun creating resources that would help others through my skillset. I've been creating digital products for years- and if I can do it- YOU CAN TOO! Especially with access to plug and play templates that make it SO much easier!!

Listen, you don't have to leave a current business venture if you love it- digital marketing can be a great side gig to earn you passive income. And you don't need to have had my experience to create digital products - you can start from scratch and learn simple skills, tapping into your gifts and personal experience that you can share. I PROMISE you, you have value and knowledge that others are willing to pay to learn. It's all already inside of you!

Ok, ok, so without further ado, here's what you've been waiting for!! The Podcast Episode where I spill the deets and share those 10 very compelling reasons!

On top of that, I want to provide you with a FREE Intro to Digital Marketing Guide to learn a little bit more about what this field entails and see if this is an opportunity you'd love to do!

And when you're ready, I created a Purpose and Passive Profits Course to teach you how to create, launch and sell your very own digital product in only 30 days! I'd love to have you join me!

I can't wait to hear what you think of all this goodness! Comment below or send me a DM on IG, HERE!

Cheering you on in Him,

XX, Krista

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