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As a mom of teenagers, I know how quickly the years fly by. It feels like just yesterday when my kids were young, craving all my attention. How I would give anything to have back those days and make better choices on how I prioritized my time.

As a Christian mom in business, I held a lot of responsibilities. I was the CEO of my brand, the lead photographer and graphics designer, the course creator and educator, a coach in social sales, and so many other things. But at home, I was also a mom to an 8 and 5 year old, a homeschool teacher, a gymnastics and basketball chauffeur, wife to my adoring husband, and so much more. And I began to feel conflict between it all.

God, in His graciousness, had to pull me out of the chaos of jam packed days and the hustle of business life and center me back onto the most important things. I'll never forget the conviction I felt when I realized I had reprioritized my business over my first ministry. I can't change the past, but I have been able to change the here and now. And you can too, with these top 5 tips!

✨Choose your non-negotiatiables and then work backwards. Have you ever heard the example about the stones and sand? Fit what’s most important first, then add in the rest.

✨Batch your content. Choose a day to work and get a bulk of content created, filmed, and planned. Need help? Peep my batching highlight on IG for a quick tutorial and check out how to take one piece of content and turn it into 10, here. I'm also in the works of finalizing my Purpose-fully Planned Course that teaches you how to create an entire quarter's worth of brand specific content in just 3 days. This was HUGE when it came to prioritizing my time and saved me HOURS every single day. Get on the waitlist here!

✨Plan to take the weekends off. Yes-I said it-work during the week in a way that frees up your family time. When you work with purpose-full intention throughout the week, you're able to step away on weekends without the worry. This leads into my next tip…

✨ Work each day toward building a system of automation!! How so? When you create, little by little, do so with that in mind. Set up highlights to answer FAQ’s and touch on your brand pillars, have a “link in bio” for easy access on where to shop and access your tools, create email campaigns that send out automatically when prospective clients opt into your lead magnets, program auto responses in your DM’s that pop up when prompted by a programmed keyword. This is simple and easy to do and something you can create as you go and start today! I've got an automation hightlight on IG that walks you through this here. And for an even more in depth training, learn more about our Unless He Builds It Course, here.

✨Stop holding yourself to unrealistic standards. Have grace to be where you need to be in that moment and understand that success for you as a Christian Entrepreneur in this specific season may look different. And that's OK. You CAN earn the income you want without sacrificing what matters most. When you show up and put in the work and trust God for the rest, He will honor and expand your Kingdom Impact. And while this goes without saying, I needed to learn how to put God and my family first and find clarity in my call as I connected faithfully with Him. As God walked me through, I put this mini course together for you.


Create a compelling offer and problem solving content so you’re pouring into your community and your people flock to you!! When you have something your ideal person NEEDS, you will have a business that flourishes and you can start living FREE!!

As always, cheering you on in Him!

xx, Krista

For more faith-based biblical business mentorship, tune into The Flourish and Free Podcast, here!


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Krista Juliana

Author, Biblical Business Mentor, Podcast Host

Hey girl-I'm so glad you're here! My name is Krista Juliana and I'm your biblical business mentor! I love helping women just like you incorporate your faith into how you run your business. Stick around and I'll also teach you how to exit hustle culture and simply all the things! I hope you're blessed by all I share. If you ever need anything, please reach out-I'm only a click away!


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