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Updated: May 16, 2023

Have you been toying with the idea of adding another facet to your biz? Do you love to talk and have a lot to share but you're not sure where to start or what to do? Are you wondering if podcasting could be a profitable investment for you?

I felt the same way!

Here's an amazing fact... Did you know that 16 million people in the US are avid podcast fans? Just think, there is a sea of listeners awaiting your very own show! And no need to worry about market saturation. Podcast listeners subscribe to an average of just 6 shows- so when they choose yours as their one of six, they are actively listening and engaged in what you have to share! And let's talk profitability...45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income of over $75K, making it more likely for YOUR show to be PROFITABLE! Are you still sitting on the fence or are you inching toward jumping off the edge??

Recently, I started podcasting. It's actually a crazy story how I got started. A sweet friend told me years ago that I had SO much to offer and I needed to stop playing small. But you know how it let all the "obstacles" and "excuses" get in your way and before you know it you have a million reasons why you just don't start.

Well, for me, in this instance, it was because I didn't know a thing about creating a podcast and I told myself I didn't have time to learn. What would I talk about? And what if I ran out of things to say? Did I really want to invest in the equipment to start and did I honestly have time for editing? The list goes on-but the point is, I was asking myself the right questions but making it all seem so hard. The key word to notice here is SEEM.

Often, our realities to make something happen aren't as hard as we make them out to be. We just need to put one foot in front of the other to START. But the more we emphasize what's stopping us, the more we shrink away. We play small, forgetting the great God and WAY MAKER that we serve. Have you ever done this?

Ok, so back to how I got started podcasting....

It was 11:30 PM one random evening. The house was quiet, everyone was in bed. And there I was on the couch randomly scrolling Facebook. Actually, I had just popped into that app for a minute and a Jasmine Starr video came across my screen and I hit play. About 30 seconds into watching, she quickly (and I mean very quickly because her video had nothing to do with this topic) mentioned how many entrepreneurs were turning to podcasting because of this app called Anchor that lets you record podcasts from your phone for FREE. And then she moved on to continue what she was saying.

That's all it took. I hopped off FB, downloaded the Spotify for Podcasters (Anchor) App, created an account and instantly said, "let's see what you've got sis", and started talking. There was no plan, no outline, no idea what I was going to say. I just started. And it was making sense, so I kept going til I was done.

That birthed my very first episode of The Flourish and Free Podcast. Unedited in it's very raw and real form. AND I LOVED IT. I had NO IDEA I would love it so much. But it became a very therapeutic way for me to get things off my chest. And it became a fun way to showcase my experience, execute authority in my field, and pour into faith-based women in a very pivotal way.And you can do that too. By showing up and adding value, you instantly create authority in your field and build like, know, and trust across the wavelengths. It's an incredible way to bridge the gap from someone who just found you via social media, to someone who just had an experience getting to know the heart behind what you do and walk away with VALUE.

Podcasts have also been an incredible way for me to spotlight both my free and paid offers and invite my listeners to join my email list. Any way you can show up and incentivize with freebies, you create a value add that people want and appreciate and are willing to share their email with you for. And THAT creates a connection that no algorithm can alter!

I'm not going to lie. I'm still learning and figuring things out as I go. But that's thing- this is how we tackle ANYTHING new in life- as we go!!! I had to learn how to get found on Spotify and iTunes, which I quickly did (googling how-to's is an amazing way to learn things quick, for free!!), and now I'm on to learning show notes and all the other fun things to grow and expand my reach. The community that's being built there is new, but so amazing!

Don't quit your daydreams girl. But one thing you can quit? Playing small! If you've been wanting to start a podcast and feel like you have value to share, Here are some reasons why starting a podcast could be AH-MAZING!:

  • It connects you to other people! Podcasting is a powerful source of connection that instantly builds community in a way unlike many others. I can be hopping in the shower, going for a walk, taking a long drive, or walking on the treadmill, and the second I pop my headphones in, I'm soaking in wisdom, filling my cup with encouragement, and sitting at the feet of a mentor - all with a simple click. As I'm listening, I feel like I'm connecting with a good friend. And this is what your podcast can become for others, too!

  • Podcasts Put You In Touch With An Entirely New Audience! Much like other platforms, people who listen to podcasts are an audience all their own! That means they’re not necessarily bouncing around the internet wherever you’re already showing up. So, as you start to pop up in the podcasting sphere, you’ll be able to connect with fresh new faces who are likely to wander over to wherever else you’re showing up and become your crossover audience, excited to soak up everything about you. You're brand new news to them!

  • You Don't Need a Following to Start. The world of podcasts is a sphere of influence all its own. As soon as you begin to show up on the scene, your ideal client has the ability to find you. This is an instance where you can start at zero and grow an income confidently in this brand new space.

  • Podcasts Are a Great Way to Expand & Continue Your Conversation. I love to use my podcast as a way to expand on current content- because let's face it, posts can only be so long before people give up and scroll away. I created a resource that teaches entrepreneurs how to take one piece of content and turn it into 10. In it, podcasts are offered as a way to multiply and expand your reach. You could take a carousel post on IG and suddenly you've got content to create an entire podcast episode that will expand on the bullet posts each post photo touched on that day. It's a great way to help your community see bigger picture in a way that will capture their attention and expand your reach!

  • Bring on the Collaborations! It's an exciting thing when you can include ad's of brands you love into your show like mini commercials- perfectly paired for your target audience! It's also fun when you can work with other brands and promote each other to expand your reach. Before you know it, you can be interviewing your favorite hosts and guest hosting on other people's shows as well. It's an entire community that becomes so close to reach!

  • Record Your Podcast From Literally Anywhere - No Fancy Studio or Equipment Required! One of my favorite things about recording with the Anchor App is that I only need my smartphone. I can slip away into my room, cuddle up in bed in my pajamas, and hit that record button and just start to speak! A cute office and stylish mic are great, but if that's what's been stopping you - don't let it hinder you anymore! I also love the fact that I can show up anytime I want and feel comfortable in my own skin. And on days I want to record a video with my podcast, the app provides a way for me to do that too!

Now that you're starting to get the picture of how amazing having a podcast can be, let's talk about what you may want your show to look like.

Would you like to be an individual host and show up speaking to your dream client with what you have to say? Or would you prefer to interview other guests and have a conversational style show instead? Or would you prefer a mix of both? These are great questions to think about as you begin to dream and plan :)

Think of the types of episodes you enjoy listening to --- are they often two people chatting back and forth, sharing the weight? One interviewer and one interviewee? A handful of people who all take a turn? Or is flying solo the way you would like to plan? There is no wrong way to host your show - just be sure to do it in a way genuine to you that keeps it fun!

Next up is deciding the type of content you plan to share. What can you see yourself chatting on about, effortlessly? Usually this comes down to narrowing your niche and determining the unique person you plan to talk to. Simply ask yourself what's your area of expertise, what problems you can solve for that person with what you have to share, and then show up on your podcast speaking right to them as though you're talking to your best friend!

It sounds easy, but I get that it can seem intimidating. So to ease the tension in starting something new, know this: You can change your cover photo, topics of conversation, and pivot and evolve as you learn and grow. The key is to choose what fuels you and your audience most, run with it, and go from there!

Rather than relying on inspiration to keep you going for the long-term, walk through a few important questions to make sure you’re ready for the commitment:

Is this something you can keep going? Is the format you’ve dreamt up supporting that longer vision? Think about doing this for 5-10 years! Some podcasts have been around that long and have been really successful with what they share.

What’s something you’re not likely to get tired of? What is a broad enough “theme” that would support you even as your content changes over the years?

Last up, Ready, Set, Record!

If you're like me, you really just need some extra encouragement pushing you forward to just do it! What's the worst that can happen? You try, you learn, you record again! When you can embrace your imperfections and show up trusting God to equip you as you go, you become moldable, pliable, clay in the potters hands. Ask the Lord to use your words, as imperfect as you might think they are, to touch the life of even just one person. Before you know it, that impact will be multiplied and your podcast can become a ministry and a place people love to go!

Are you one step closer to being ready to take the leap? Drop your podcast ideas, limiting beliefs, all the questions, down below!!

Annnddd.....If you're not currently subscribed to my podcast, hop over and do that now! It's full of faith-based, Biblical and Business Encouragement for the Christian Female Entrepreneur! The Flourish and Free Podcast, Linked here!

xx, Krista

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