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It's one of the most beautiful things to see your children come to Jesus. As a mama of two teens I know how powerful and impactful this is. You spend your life raising up your babes, making millions of mistakes as you go, hoping something sticks and you get something right along the way. As Christian moms, we have tons of personal moments with our children. Some right, some wrong, yet all interlaced with a deep love and yearning for their well-being and for their salvation.

We got caught up in a church years ago that didn't believe in baptizing children. My daughter was 9 and had a true heart and evidence of a walk with the Lord. As hurtful as that was, I can see the handprint of God all over His perfect timing. This weekend was more than beautiful and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Standing among family and our dearest friends, we witnessed my daughter, now 15, share an even more powerful testimony- right alongside one of her best friends. These two girls made a proclamation for their love of Jesus, showcasing the power of faith over fear, and trusting God even in the silence. What maturity from these young ladies that we don't often see until later years!

I share this not only to house a personal place on my blog to look back on for these sweet memories, but because I want to affirm the good work God is doing in and through YOU too. We don't often receive the accolades or affirmations that we often truly need. And in raising teens, or kids of any age for that matter, they don't always understand your heart or the depth of sacrifice that being a parent brings. Especially a Christian parent...because that means standing firm against the influences of the world...and in this day and age, that's so hard to do.

We compete against the influence and comparison of social media, television shows, Hollywood, and now even stores and schools that hold fast to unbiblical solicitation of sexual preference and gender. It's all so overwhelming. We've got a lot to combat as we put on and pray the armor everyday. But you are doing a good work, sister. Hold fast, don't give up, keep planting seeds that the master harvester can produce fruit from still.

I know I made choices along the way that weren't always the wisest. I know at times, I'd work so hard and put my business first. I felt torn and conflicted because I was trying to build something from scratch and make an impact on my family- to create generational change and provisions that we didn't always have over the years. But at the end of the day, as much as I LOVE my business (and I truly do!) my faith and family matter most. THOSE are the treasures I want to carry with me into heaven - a life well-lived, stewarding God's blessings, and hearing Him speak, "Well done good and faithful servant. I'm proud of you." And I know you do too.

This weekend was one of those nudges and God-winks... I got to see a piece of heaven lived out here on earth. Two beautiful souls taking a stand to follow Jesus. Giving hope and encouragement to others who need to know God is big enough to overcome their deepest trials and offer them freedom and victory too.

During the service this Sunday, there was an interruption. Clearly the enemy didn't want to see the power of God at work. I want you to know, the spiritual battle and struggle for our kids is REAL. The enemy is on the prowl and always at work. We need to be vigilant and at work too, which is why understanding the power of God's armor in Ephesians 6 can make such an impact. I shared about that here in this weeks Flourish and Free Podcast titled, "Clothed in Armor and Equipped for Victory." You can listen to it here.

If our first priority isn't cultivating our marriages or pouring into raising up our kids, if our attention is always compromised, then something needs to shift. I constantly have to reign myself back in because my business fuels me and drives my ambitions in such a fulfilling way. If left unchecked, it can quickly become an idol and keep me from the most important work God's given me.

That's why I've created tools and systems that allow me to step away and embrace this battle of raising up godly kids. Of investing in homeschooling. Of allowing me to keep order in my home, to cook healthy meals, and cultivate community in our teen bible study we host once a week - WHILE building a faithful, thriving business. My heart is to help teach you, sweet friend, do these same things too. To cultivate a heart for investing in your home AND business in powerful, effective ways.

Some of the tools I've created for this purpose can be found in our shop, podcast, social media platforms and online course. But I believe ultimately, it comes from KNOWING God's call for you, for your first ministry, for your business, for WHO God has you here to serve. For gaining clarity and alignment with God's Will for your business, your niche, your brand, and connecting those with the passions He's put in your heart - and speaking and serving those specific people. When you understand these KEY things, everything else flows simply from it.

Here are my favorite resources and tools for you:

  • Our Biblical Foundations Bundle that will help you build a solid foundational daily relationship with the Lord. (plus a special bonus!! at the time of this publication, this bundle is currently *on sale!)

  • Our Social Media Templates that will increase impact and save you tons of time creating for your biz (*20% off flash sale this week only!!)

  • Our Podcast that will pour into your tons of biblical + business encouragement and strategy each and every week

  • Our Course and Mastermind that will walk alongside you for 6 full months, working through the uncovering of Gods plan, shaping your heart to His, and building a brand with a foundation of certainty in Christ for your business.

Thank you for sharing in celebrating my daughter's powerful confession of her Lord and Savior. Know that I'm praying for moments like these for you and your babies too. If there's any help you need or resources you'd love to see me create along the way, please comment below with your requests or suggestions. My heart is to serve you as best I can and create tools that will give you freedom in your faith, family, and your business.

Cheering you on in Him,

xx Krista

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