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Applying Psalm 127 to Your Business

We all want to achieve success in life, but what often gets overlooked is what it takes to create a balanced and loving home alongside our efforts to build a thriving business. This is one of the most convicting areas that God used to teach me an important lesson that's impacted many years of my adult life.

As a Christian woman, it's so important to remember that, “If your home is out of order, no amount of success you achieve will make it worth that sacrifice.” But that's easier said than done. When you've got one baby on your hip, a phone in your hand typing responses to a potential customer, dinner burning on the oven, and a hubby walking through the door from work waiting for a hello kiss... All you're trying to do within that moment is juggle all the things you know you've got to do. You're needed in so many places at that moment, mama, and there's typically no thought of biblical truths within that moment. You're simply managing those areas that need tending too. But too many moments struck by chaos leads to burnout, anxiety, and overwhelm. And I really want to free you from that.

We have to have the courage to prioritize our homes and establish a clear vision of what it looks like to have balance and harmony in our lives. I'm not talking perfection, sister, or unrealistic standards. And I'm not even saying that the scenario listed above isn't something that literally takes place in just about every woman's life who works from home. But it's the rhythms and holy habits that you implement, the list of non-negotiables you refuse to budge on because you've created healthy boundaries, and the ways you work that save you time and free up your days so you can focus on what God says matters most for you. THOSE are the things I'm referring to that free you from spinning on that silly hamster wheel.

By having true fellowship with the Lord and partnering with Him to unlock that vision, you can begin to take the steps needed to make this a reality. This journey requires you to be intentional and take action each and every day. It's about understanding your values and needs, being honest with yourself, and showing up faithfully for the call He has for you.

Let's make a commitment to create a home that is in order, so that you can experience true success and peace. Because Unless the Lord builds the house, your labor is in vain…

I've got so much more to say on this topic, this is just a snippet. For the full episode and to expound on this more: Listen to the full podcast episode, here.

As always, Cheering you on in Him,

xx Krista


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