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Defining Your Brand as Your Business Grows

As a Christian entrepreneur, it's essential to create a brand that reflects your beliefs and values and shines the proper spotlight on what you sell. It establishes clear expectations that your clients can relate to and is also the baseline that attracts them to your offers! Yet, if you've been in business any length of time, you understand the challenge of continuing to make your content relatable to your ideal client as your brand and offers evolve and grow. Sometimes you just need a simple shift in wording, others it's a whole brand re-vamp. With that comes a need for clarity and clear messaging, marketing that vision to the specific client you're now talking to. It may be a challenge but we've got simple, easy solutions you can start implementing right away.

But first, a little backstory...

I kind of found myself in this exact same place the past 12 months. If you've been with me since the beginning, you'll remember back to the days when I first chose to stay home with my kids and start my online biz. I was scared to death to get in front of a camera, I knew nothing about the internet-let alone building relationships though a screen (what can I say, I'm an 80's baby!! haha) and I was starting from scratch with no experience with niche or branding and vowed to learn it all as I'd go. And that I did.

I spent late nights while my kids were young and the house was quiet, researching, networking, and watching "how to" videos to figure out every single thing. I was determined to learn and I was determined to make my self-made business WORK. I reached out to anyone who'd help me, and I committed to put in the work.

When I first got started, I began with prayer. I told the Lord that if this was the path He wanted me to take, He'd have to be the one to build my business, bring my customers my way, and literally make it happen. I realize now that although God did come through, it wasn't without me fulfilling my end of the deal, which was to show up faithfully each day, cultivate the gifts He'd given me, and put in real work. He had a select group of people He'd have me talking to - and the start of this journey and how my brand evolved and grew over time, is what led me here to YOU.

But the in-between brought shifts that led our family through some major changes. Our location changed, and so did our careers - as well as many other things. God was starting something new, building something beautiful. The in-between pulled me out of the hustle culture I'd inadvertently got lost in for 7 years. And the painful growth He showed me we'd have to walk through with our move, taught me to rely on God as my strength in a whole new way. I couldn't take a breath if He was not in the air I'd breathe.

My business evolved in that same way...stripping me down to nothing. For character and integrity reasons, I chose to step away from a company and a community that no longer honored God. It was hard, and painful and I left everything I'd built right there on the table. I was in a season of starting over. But this time I wasn't starting from scratch, I was starting from experience.

The new message God put on my heart to share was the one I started from in the very beginning: Full and total surrender and reliance upon the Lord. I began to teach other Christian women how to exit hustle culture and make God their CEO- and those that started off with me for health and wellness reasons, began to see a major shift in my messaging and offers. The Lord called me to build a faith-based course teaching Christian business women biblical foundations- empowering them in the truth that they can build a business without sacrificing what matters most and keeping their first ministry. Then He led me into digital resources and tools, and eventually podcasting too. The women and mamas who followed along to learn how to live toxin free, were now hearing about faith-based business practices and practical application. Some, in their loyalty and friendship we'd built within community, continued to follow. Others weren't interested in these same things and stepped away. And so I had to redefine my growth mentality and start curating my message to attract a whole new market.

And maybe, because of a change in your brand or industry, you do too.

Maybe you're in a place where you feel like you need a refresh. Either like me, you found yourself lost in hustle culture and you need to re-define your mission, messaging and your market, OR you simply outgrew the space you started in and you didn't update your systems and sales processes to the new person you're marketing to, along the way. Wherever you are on your journey, if you understand the importance of niche and branding and you're ready to clarify your new messaging and update your offers to who you're serving here next level, this post is for you.


Defining your brand is the foundation of your marketing efforts. It includes everything from your logo and website design to the way you communicate with your audience. Your brand should reflect your core values, mission, and purpose and it should also be consistent across all of your marketing channels, including social media, email, and any other platforms you use. If it's been a while, now might be a great time for you to do a self-assessment and gain some updated clarity. Does your current content, brand messaging, offers, and personality match what you currently believe is the new direction you're trying to go? If not, it may be time to make a few adjustments. This may sound foreign to you, but I always direct my clients to start with prayer and fasting as well as brainstorming, reflection, and daily "clocking in with your Creator", too. If you need a jumpstart to this process, I've got the perfect resource for you!

Prayer and fasting brings forth so many blessings and increased clarity in the calling. Why is that? It's saying I want less of me and more or Him. And in studying God's Word, anytime there was a big need, I noticed God's people praying and fasting first. This is what I did when I needed to hear from God and confirm His Will for me- whether in my personal life or with new direction for my business. And this is what you can do in clarifying your business goals, mission statement, and marketing and branding too. Your business isn't separate from or off limits to Him. If God's placed you in a position of influence, He can use you for Kingdom-work right here on this earth, for your good, the good of those you serve, and for His glory.

And understand this...

You don't have to have a faith-based product or service to build a faithful business.

Read that again. It's the heart posture and character you uphold that shows others you're putting God first without preaching the Word or sharing a direct gospel message. I believe it's important to get this point across because it no longer limits you to think, "I'm speaking to just one certain kind of business owner". Yes, your message is for believers, but it can be implemented in any field of business to any audience you undertake.

*That being said, let's dive into branding in regards to YOUR SPECIFIC TARGET MARKET!

One of the first steps as your business evolves and grows is redefining your ideal target market. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of narrowing down your dream client, fear not! With a little bit of strategy and concentrated research, you can successfully pinpoint the perfect clients for your business.

This is where you get specific about the type of person you want to work with! Remember, you're not for everyone - but everyone is for someone. So let's define exactly what that looks like. Think about factors such as their age, gender, income (this helps determine how you price your offer!), education level, interests, and values. As your offer has evolved, who is this new person you want to reach? Or rather, who is your new messaging for, that God would have you speak to? What are their needs and desires? What are their pain points? How does the product or service you provide solve those problems for them?

To determine the answers to these things, you've got to do some market research. Hop on Pinterest and use it as your search engine like so many consumers do. Start searching your niche and topics you talk about and see what pops up. It's going to show you common inquiries which gives you top needs from there. You can also reach out to ideal clients and start a conversation. Provide value, ask questions and dive deep in what they have to say. You'll learn so much by asking and then actively listening. Another thought to consider is, What can you guarantee they'll walk away with after an experience with you? Write down those top takeaways and match them to their needs. Once you have a clear understanding of your audience and your offer, you can tailor your brand messaging and visuals to resonate with them.


Your USP is just a fancy term for what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you shine brighter than the rest. I like to help you visualize this by reflecting on the spiritual gifts God's given you that you can take and apply within your business. These gifts, partnered with your vision that's been confirmed and clarified by God through prayer and fasting, couple together with your offer to give you your unique edge. Once defined, you can craft a clear and concise statement that communicates what you do, who you serve, and what makes you and your offer, different! The point here to walk away with is, there could be a million people selling a similar offer in your field. It's your job to showcase WHO you are, WHAT you represent, and WHY they should buy from YOU! Don't be shy- this is where you need to craft with confidence, so showcase those bragging rights!


Once you have your USP and a clear understanding of your audience, it's time to start developing your brand messaging and visuals. This is the fun part if you love to be creative!

Since your brand is always growing and evolving, you may need to tailor that to fit your new style or messaging needs. If you're speaking boldly about an offer or in a confident voice, you may consider rebranding with bright and bolder colors and updating the way you express your wording. If you're looking for clean neutrals to give a feel that's light and airy, you may want to create that look across your website and social feeds. Regardless, your brand messaging should be consistent across all of your marketing channels and should communicate your values and mission clearly.

You should also focus on reflecting your brand personality throughout your work. This includes everything from your logo and color scheme to the images, words, and videos you use in your marketing materials. As a Christian entrepreneur, content is key- so ask yourself what kind of content will speak to the unique values of the growing version of your dream client? How will your content, visuals, and wording make them feel? This could include blog posts, podcasts, or social media content that shares your personal faith journey or connection to your business model, the product or service you sell, and how each have positively influenced your life. By creating authentic and relatable content alongside your new brand visuals, you will attract just the right clients to your growing business!

As far as visuals, I love to point my clients to looking for color schemes on Etsy or Pinterest, or searching for hex codes for Canva that go well together. When browsing options, let Google be your BFF! Font choices are important, too. Again, you can use these same search engines or visit for some free, unique combinations! Upload them into Canva to create your very own branding page that you can access every time you create your graphics. In just a few short minutes, you can update your business with a consistent new look and be good to go!

Now if this feels overwhelming to you, take heart! You may not need to revamp all of your previous content, posts, or marketing materials. In fact, I never recommend this because it can stunt your growth and actually be a waste of precious time. Here's a quick solution: On social media, create a handful of posts that showcase your new look and start posting in that specific way across all of your platforms. Don't erase the old- those showcase your journey up to this point, and will take time away from the areas of your business that need the most attention. Besides, before you know it, your social feeds will be full of your newly branded content!

In addition to defining your brand, it's also essential to communicate your updated values and new messaging clearly to your audience. This means being transparent and honest in your marketing efforts and avoiding any tactics that may be misleading or dishonest. As a Christian entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to build trust with your audience by demonstrating integrity in everything you do- even in the changes that will now reflect as you revamp your biz. While some of your current clients may not be on board for this new you and may unfollow, others will be here for it - excited and READY for your upgraded efforts! And, let's not forget the new followers your new messaging and branding will attract! The point is, get ready for what growth looks like- allow the Lord to prune the vine of your business as you surrender to the process, and trust the end results to Him!


You may be AMAZING at marketing and not really need to adjust a single thing except jump into launch mode with excitement and confidence in the new brand and offer you've created. Show up with a plan and high energy to draw them in! This could include tactics such as:

Social Media Marketing - This may include how often you'll show up, the story slides you'll share, how you'll engage regularly with your new client, and a plan for releasing the updated content you plan to offer.

Email Marketing - Lead magnets and landing pages with a free product or download /video training/webinar (get creative) that draw them into the new offer(s) you've got just for them. Showcase their need and offer them your solution.

Content marketing - This may include new podcast episodes, blog posts, website offers, or a new page to showcase and launch your current offer!

and Networking - It's time to spread the word! Who can you connect with to not only showcase your offers but collaborate with to offer value within your industry? You'll need to get in front of different audiences outside your very own. Can you do a giveaway with a brand that fits nicely within your niche? Can you reach out to a few previous clients and offer a discounted price on your new offer in exchange for positive feedback and reviews/referrals of/to your new brand and offer? Get creative with how you collaborate and have fun as you go!


As your offers evolve and your confidence in what you do as an entrepreneur grows, so will your pricing. Please, do not neglect this aspect. The Lord talks about paying the laborer what he is worth (1 Timothy 5:18), and getting creative in multiplying the resources entrusted to you and stewarding them well (go re-read the story of the 5 talents in Matthew 25:14-30). This means asking higher prices when you've put extra work into your content, and grow and evolve your brand.

This also means taking a look at the upgrades you've created and the type of client you plan to market to. Earlier, I mentioned assessing your ideal client's income level - you may have originally started marketing to a new business owner with no experience who hasn't earned much revenue, so your price-point would then be lower. But now your offer is focused on women who are established business owners, have earned a higher level of income, and are ready to invest more in their personal growth and offers that will impact their work. Thus, your price now warrants being higher.

When your heart posture is one that isn't led by the lust and love of money, you can rest assured that increasing prices isn't a bad or sinful thing to do.

There is a specific market for every audience - and when you're speaking to your ideal client and marketing properly, THEY WILL PAY THE ASKING PRICE YOU OFFER.


You've got an incredible business with a heart to serve - show up and showcase that with confidence!! As you grow and change, so will your interests, product showcase, client base, branding, marketing and visuals!! Are you ready to accept the challenge and tackle a little bit of each, each day!

Instead of focusing on the overwhelm of rebranding, start with bite-sized pieces.

One week, tackle assessing all the factors of who your dream client currently is, the next week tackle tailoring your unique messaging specifically to her, the following week choose your new or updated brand colors, fonts or visuals, and so on. Look at is as a marathon and not a sprint, as you head in with full steam to create impact in your biz! Your dream client will appreciate you for it!!

Did you find this blog post helpful? Please share this post or leave comments or concerns below! I'm always curious to hear your feedback as I create content to positively impact your faithful biz!

Cheering you on in Him,

xx Krista


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