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Exit Hustle & Ditch the Overwhelm

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Does your business feel like it's taking more time than you can give? It's easy to let the busy take over and pull you from your purpose. If the devil can't destroy you, he'll distract or discourage you- and often with driven women, he does that through your business.

I remember when I first became an entrepreneur...I was so excited for all God had for me since I distinctly remember Him calling me into my business. I felt purposeful and ambitious - giddy with anticipation at the lives He'd have me impact through that opportunity. And I don't know about you, but when I commit to something, I go all in. So in my determination to lead with excellence, I inadvertently fell into hustle culture.

What is hustle culture? It's the worlds view of how to get ahead in business. The work more, do more, be more, achieve more perspective. It's the "it all depends on me and the more that I can give". But I quickly realized that lead me into burnout and I was constantly distracted by the overwhelm of the never-ending next big thing I had to do, or goal I had to accomplish. As much as I checked off, there were always way too many new tasks added to my list. As business shifted, I was coached that I had to pivot, switching my approach and finding ways to make things fresh and new. This again left me endlessly spinning my wheels, always in creation mode.

As my business grew, I wanted to learn everything I could about my industry - which meant late nights researching and reading when the house was quiet and the kids were asleep. I'd google how to's for everything, I'd fall asleep in the wee hours of the night watching trainings, and trying to soak up everything I could learn about how to lead within my industry and propel my business. I wanted to give my all and provide resources to my team that would help us function at our best. And that took a lot of sacrifice.

Often that sacrifice looked like short tempers with my kids on early mornings when they'd wake up full of energy and I was still exhausted from just a few hours sleep. It meant grinding away at creating all the tools, building all the resources, and making myself available for any and all types of coaching and leadership trainings. While I was excelling at leading women in business, I grew weary leading my kids at home.

As a stay at home, homeschooling mama, I chose to step away from corporate America to build a life full of Christ-centered training up of my kids. I wanted to make learning fun and explore creative ways of engaging them. Yet being home meant giving up that extra paycheck and it became harder and harder as our family expanded. So when I dove into this new opportunity to run a business at home alongside my two children, we were blessed by the financial opportunity. And gosh, being able to buy organic food, fund extra outings for my kids, or buy myself a coffee and cute shirt without stressing over it was SUCH a blessing! Yet, even though I tried my best to juggle it all, the relationships I treasured, suffered. I know I could have been a more joyful and present wife and mama had I not began resenting my marriage and my motherhood, and instead learned skills that would structure my business in a way that would keep them first.

Because ultimately, THOSE are the people that should get your all. After filling up on God, your marriage and family get your first fruits. The people you serve in ministry or business come second, though that doesn't mean they don't get purposeful attention. Just not in place of the ones God intends for you to serve before them. The level of capacity in which you show up is according to what God allows you to give through your gifts and talents. And where you lack, He is a God so rich in His provisions that can make your half glass, FULL.

I'm going to be real with you. Walking with God isn't easy, marriage isn't easy, raising kiddos in the Lord isn't easy, creating holy habits, while beneficial, isn't easy. And growing a business isn't easy either. Each take diligence, perseverance and discipline to make it faithfully to the end. Life is hard. You can choose your hard by staying stuck in hustle or you can take simple steps to keep you pressing forward and on God's path. Which way sounds better to you?

If you're team hustle culture (which is different that working diligently toward a goal for a specific period of time), I feel for you. At some point you're going to end up so burnt out and realize you missed out on some of life's most important blessings... when that happens, I hope you remember my story and God's heart for you. You're always welcome to return here as I point you back to Jesus and the treasures He has for your life AND business. Friend, please know this: time is a thief and flies by way too fast. If not guarded, it will rob you of a healthy marriage, happy children, an invested future, and an unwavering faith. I started down that road and I'm so glad God pulled me off that course!

On the other hand, if you're team determined and faithful, I've got something special I'd love to share with you today. It's my exit hustle culture checklist and it's absolutely FREE.

In it, I guide you through simple business strategy that introduces you to a lifestyle of time freedom and sets you up with how you can begin to achieve it, step-by-step. My goal is to help you work with purposeful diligence in a way that frees you up to invest in what matters most.

Your business can be a beautiful blessing to your family and a great way to steward your gifts for the glory of God. But the key to your business is NOT to be the key to your business. Download our free checklist and it will all make sense.

As always, cheering you on in Him,

xx Krista


Ultimately, if your faith walk is out of order, I'd point you to building your foundation securely in Christ, first. In that case, you'd love our Work It Girl!:A Faith Meets Business Morning Routine for Christian Entrepreneurs. And when you're ready for a deep dive and full blown faith and business transformation, our Purpose & Profit Academy is the place you want to be!


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