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Three Things to Consider When Planning Your New Year as a Christian Mama and Small Business Owner

As I was planning out my new year, here are some thoughts that came to mind reflecting on what's changed in my life over the past two years…


When a woman builds her business and attempts to fit her life into her biz… ‌ 


She becomes un-present, distracted, frazzled, and burnt out; ‌ Her values become secondary, her relationship with God gets smothered by the "I have no time" excuse, and her children lose their position as her first ministry. ‌ 


BUT when a woman builds a rich LIFE and chooses to fit her Business into her Life... ‌ She can maintain all of the presence she desires to maintain while keeping her faith and family first. ‌ 


Her LIFE comes first, her values are visible, she oozes in the energy of a woman who's well taken care of, and her faith and family-her most important mission field-take priority. ‌ 


I don’t know about you but I’m choosing to build my business anchored in the foundations of the Lord-without sacrificing what matters most. ‌ 


I’ve been prioritizing my quiet time with God, taking time to rest, and investing in my marriage and motherhood above a jam-packed-work-schedule .


Here’s what’s happened since I put these things in place… ‌ 


* I no longer feel frazzled 

* I’m leaning into Godfidence and peace 

* I’ve gotten clear on my goals 

* Sales have increased 

* I work at a consistent, steady pace, embracing my current season 

*And my faith and family are loved, honored, and cared for-because I set my life and business up in a way that keeps them FIRST. ‌ 


The point is, it isn't about the money…the money will come from co-purposing with God, well-planned work, and executed intention. 


But rather, it's a reminder that You don't have to sacrifice what's important to your HEART in the name of "success". ‌ 


That being said, here are Three things to consider when planning your 2024: ‌ 


  • Identify what personal values you desire to amplify & honor (outside of your business) & make some non-work related goals + focuses and put them into practice.


  • Map out all special events (holidays, vacation's, birthdays, long weekends, gymnastics meets, basketball games, anniversaries etc), block them off on your calendar & build your business around them. ‌


  • Figure out what you, as a woman (outside of business, outside of motherhood) needs to keep you vibrant & healthy, and block this into your daily routine... build your biz around it. ‌


It's not enough to SAY you're a values-led woman, you've got to BE it. It's got to be a non-negotiable part of your business STRATEGY. ‌ 


... What's YOUR focus for 2024?

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