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As a Christian woman, Satan knows your weaknesses. He knows you are multi-faceted, multi-talented and able to multi-task. What God gave you as strengths, Satan distorts and turns it into sin.

You see, we can easily make our to-do list into an idol. We are running businesses, managing our homes, taking the kids here and there, cooking, cleaning, answering emails & dm's, homeschooling even- all while keeping ourselves looking beautiful for when our hubby comes home from work each day (even if that means he's seeing you in sweatpants, as mama, you've earned that right of passage!) It can become an endless cycle of busy-and that's where Satan likes to prey.

As the new year approached back in 2021, I began to look at my life a little different. I was almost EXPECTING to hear the world's chants of "new year, new you" on repeat and I was sick of what it was doing in my head. This image that I needed to scrap the "old version" of who I was to embrace the new- as though everything I went through that year (good and bad) hadn't shaped me into who I am. Sanctified me even. I had had enough of that toxic mindset. I was grateful for my journey.

Of course I wanted direction on how to meet my goals and face life's current challenges... but first I chose to REST. But what was that supposed to look like? And wouldn't resting mess up my pace and slow me down? As someone who is driven and high functioning, the thought of rest actually made me feel lazy- and to be honest, a bit uncomfortable. Because as much as we all long for and crave it, we've grown so accustomed to the busy, we don't know how to embrace just being still.

But if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got. And I wanted something different this time around. Here's what I've learned about rest as I dove into the scriptures.

The definition of rest in itself means to cease from work or movement in order to relax, refresh or recover strength. It puts a halt and a stop to any kind of activity. Reading that, was it realistic to do that in my home or even in my business that was ultimately providing for it? How did Jesus rest? Did he stop his ministry? No, what I found was that he'd retreat to a quiet place to meet with the Lord in prayer, and the Father and angels would refresh and minister to Him.

As a Daughter of the King, you have access to that same refreshment. Satan knows this, which is why he likes to keep you lost in the distraction of hustle. We've seen this over the years with the increased use of technology, as well as our daily responsibilities, kids activities, sports, church functions even, have grown. Instead of being together as a family, we are all barely present together in the home. With that being said, the next attack is on the woman who MAKES the house a home-a place of rest and retreat and a safe-haven for her family. If he can get you, he can get everyone you care for in it.

How he attacks you may look a little different than how he attacks me simply because we are made so unique and different, and are homes are all run in different ways. But the common goal he has in mind is to keep us from experiencing one of our biggest blessings that GOD CREATED FOR US: REST. But not JUST relaxation - rest in HIM.

Here's what Satan is robbing from you...

Scripture promises that when you rest:

You will be refreshed

You are replenished

You receive peace

You will not be afraid

You are kept in safety

The Lord will give you His presence

You will find relief from stress

Your heart will be guarded

You gain knowledge of who God is

You gain perspective

You will exalt His Name

You avoid disobedience

Your sleep will be sweet

You will receive renewed strength

Your soul will be satisfied

God will become your strength and the heart of your portion

Your soul will be restored in Him

You will be filled with all joy and peace in believing, so that by

the power of the Holy Spirit, you may abound in HOPE.

That last one gets me every time. Hope is what encourages us to press on, to keep moving forward despite the difficult. To trust and remember we are able to do all things, in HIM. When life grows weary and gets heavy, He reminds us - through rest - that HE is able to carry the weight and we can leave the results to Him. We just need to work faithfully with what He's given us, and rest in Him as we stand with open hands of surrender.

Psalm 127 is a life-chapter of God's Word when it comes to how I manage my home and run my business. It's become a staple verse I cling to everyday. In it, I'm reminded that Unless THE LORD builds the house, those who labor, labor in vain. And that it can become vain to rise up early or stay up late, for the Lord gives to His beloved, in in his sleep. Rest and sleep are a place we can be refreshed in Him. And He promises that as hard as you work, it's useless unless you find your rest in Him.

So how did I choose to find my rest? In making God my center... and I'd like to invite you into that with me, too. I was tired of planning my own goals, but not allowing God to have free reign in my plans and direct my steps. Instead of walking in MY will, I wanted to align my will with HIS. I found peace and clarity through a sweet time of surrender, praying and fasting for my life and business. This act of obedience positioned me to receive the blessings and lessons God had for me that year that I would not have experienced if I kept going in my own way. As I fleshed out what this could look like, I created a guide to help you do it too.

Now, instead of starting my new year with a whole bunch of crazy hopes and dreams, I allow the God of the universe to work a mighty transformation as I align myself with Him! I don't give up my dreams, minimize them, or walk away from them. I celebrate them and run after them. But not until resting first. And through prayer and fasting I walk in GODFIDENCE, in Him.

Want to experience this transformation too that will keep blossoming and giving all throughout your year? Click here and check out our mini-bundle that will help and guide you through!

xx Krista

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