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I had one of the most powerful experiences including worship two years back that shaped the way I viewed this kind of intimacy with the Lord. I was praying and fasting about our move but I felt that God had been silent for just about a year into that whole process. I took steps of faith and kept moving forward preparing our home to leave - but I didn't want to do it without His peace. 


One evening  I was speaking with a friend about God's silence and she asked me if I'd worshipped. It shocked me that THAT was her response to what I'd shared. Wasn't I doing all the other more important things?


The next morning while the house was quiet, I went out alone ot my living room to pray, and as I did, I decided to give this whole worship thing a try. I turned on some of the most beautiful songs of praise I knew and sat before the Lord, pouring the depths of my heart out before Him. There were moments of song, moments of tears, moments of whispering the words, and moments when I couldn't speak or sing at all. I was still and knew that He is God and felt the power of His presence. 


That day was eye opening to me. The Lord opened the floodgates of communication that felt closed for way too long. Answers upon answers were given- a confirming scripture in His Word, a very specific answer in regards to my move was in that days daily devotion, a confirming call from a friend.  I came to realize that hadn't been holding worship in it's proper place.  And since that day, and God's powerful intervention, I realized the impact worship could have on other peoples lives too. 


I put together a playlist that you can click here if you want to listen. Or maybe it will inspire you to create a playlist of your own. Either way, don't wait for trouble or a need to spend time praising Jesus, but know that something changes when you sit and meet Him there... 


What's Included: 


Worship Playlist

Interesting Article About How Worship Can Change Your Brain




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