When you get your kit, people WILL start asking you about those oils. Here’s what you do when someone you know starts asking how to get started too. We LOVE to point them to the Starter Kits because that's where they get THE most value. Not just in price but in a collection of oils to support their whole body too. Because no two people are alike, what works for one may not work for another. The starter kit gives options so that each person is supported for all their specific needs. And at less than $8 per bottle and a free quality diffuser too, the oils collection kit can NOT be beat. It contains our absolute FAVORITE go-to oils! Included with those goodies is also their lifetime wholesale membership, PLUS access to all our Under The Myrtle Tree perks and all.the.things!


It’s THE most bang for their buck and they will have everything they need to start this journey. Trust me-they may not realize it now- but they WILL use (and want) them all!!

Not everyone gets started with essential oils and with so many starter kit options, they are sure to find exactly what they need! Priced to save new members the most, depending upon their needs, this is what we'll point them to. 




A. Log in to the VO here: In the menu on the left, click Member Resources > Link Builder. Scroll down. From there copy & paste your long link (save in your phone notes for easy reference).

B. Or- to get a short link:  If you know your member number, go to and enter your member number into the enroller & sponsor fields - this will create a shortened link that acts the same as the long link. You can have this link emailed to you.


Whoohoo! Send them your personal link, then have them choose "member", verify YOU are their enrollor/sponsor, and have them follow the prompts to check out.

If they still would like to learn a little more, send them this helpful Scrollable SWAY Class to help them understand the kit!





I like to send something like this with the link right above it so they have instructions on how to do it.

1. Click the signup link above, and follow these steps:

Be sure to check Wholesale Member to earn your 24% off any future orders.

(You never ever have to buy or sell anything in the future)

Click Continue.

2. Then select the Premium Starter Kit and choose the diffuser you'd like! Desert Mist is my favorite!

3. Step 3 is for Essential Rewards, which is the BEST. BOX. EVER. It's a monthly subscription box that is completely customizable. Free to join, free to cancel anytime, only requires 50PV (PV amount is almost always the same as dollar amount), and you earn a percentage of points back to use on FREE stuff. If you know you're going to add more oils or makeup or baby products on top of the kit, I'd do this now! If you're not sure what you'd like to swap next, simply choose the Thieves Essential Rewards Kit as a cart holder for NEXT month. You won't be charged ANYthing for that today, and you have a whole month to log in and customize your order. Oh and when you Select to use your starter kit as your first Essential Rewards purchase, you’ll actually get $10 of rewards cash back added as a gift card on your account, and FREE SHIPPING on your order too!!! They totally spoil us with this goodness!!

4.. Follow the process all the way through to the end....yay! You did it!

Once you've completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email! Let me know if you don't get that order confirmation email for any reason.

That's it!! Once I receive my email from Young Living that you're a new member, I’ll get you added to our amazing Facebook groups where you will have access to boatloads of information and resources!

I’m SO excited for you to get your kit and start your journey with essential oils!






When anyone gets a Premium Starter Kit with your link, you will receive a $50 Thank You check from Young Living as part of their amazing referral program - an awesome way to get your oils paid for! When they select the option to use their kit as their first rewards purchase, they get all the rewards cash and perks, and you earn an additional $15!

Be sure to place a 50pv order the same month they enroll to receive the thank you check. If you just got your kit that same month you refer, your kit purchase already qualifies you.

The more friends you invite to our team and help get their kit, the more your thank you check will be - whether you sign up one person or 10, you only need to personally place a 50pv order.

Enroll 3 friends, receive a $150 check! Enroll 5 friends, receive a $250 check! 10.. $500. This is where gifting a simple roller, letting someone borrow a diffuser, playdates, wine nights and make & takes are awesome too!

On top of that, if your friends continue to order, you'll receive commission/recurring income as well - we'll cover that in another post, but that’s what we like to call RESIDUAL INCOME!


Be sure to plug your new members into our Facebook group for all the resources, giveaways and classes!