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Are you just as excited about toxin-free makeup as I am?  I mean! When you can get makeup as flawless and gorgeous as this, AND have it be good for you? What's stopping you from jumping right in?




*Most products we use in our homes contain chemicals linked to cancer and other serious ailments. Products such as shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lipsticks and cosmetics, baby products, all contain ingredients that contain carcinogens, reproductive toxins and neurotoxins.


*The average woman is exposed to over 500 chemicals and toxins every single day, and many of them before breakfast! And while not all of the ingredients in our personal care products are harmful, less than 20% have actually been tested for safety. 


*It only takes 26 seconds for a product touching your skin to be absorbed into your body and travel into your bloodstream. Many people think of the skin as a barrier, when it’s actually a carrier. So many products sit on our skin all day long, such as cosmetics and clothing washed and dried in harmful toxins. And although our bodies were made to defend against these things, the constant attack causes a bioaccumulation within the body.


*On cosmetics labels, words like herbal, natural and even organic have NO legal definition. That means that ANYbody can put anything in a bottle and call it natural. And they DO!!! When I found Young Living and took the time to research their products, I learned that they were DIFFERENT.  Their quality promises go beyond the common industry standards, and the Seed to Seal Pillar stood as genuinely as their open-door farm policies.  THAT was a company I could trust. Unlike companies with false advertisements and hidden ingredients, Young Living never compromises. I found that appealing and refreshing!

















*Savvy Minerals is formulated without all the harmful yuck. There are no dyes, synthetic fragrances, gluten or soy. No mineral oil, no petrochemicals, no talc. No parabens, metal, nano-particles,  phthalates and bismuth!  Phew! Now that was a mouthful!! So what DOES this amazing line contain?


Kaolin clay: Reduces oily skin, detoxifies and soothes.

Arrowroot Powder: Absorbs excess oil, soothes the skin and provides a natural glow.

Aloe: Nourishes the skin, provides moisture and maintains a youthful appearance.

Vitamin E: A nourishing antioxidant that promotes healthy skin.

Aspen Bark Extract: A natural preservative that smoothes and

softens skin.

Jojoba Oil: An antioxidant that moistens and softens lips!

With so many competing brands on the market, Why Choose Savvy Minerals?

*Savvy Ingredients Include:


Choose one of 4 Kits, based off the top 4 most popular foundation colors, eyeshadows, lip gloss and blush that are complementary to the chosen foundation color!!

Each kit comes with a Foundation Brush hand crafted from Italy, a bottle of our GORGEOUS Lavender Essential Oil, perfect for all your beauty needs AND the Misting Spray--the key ingredient to making your minerals apply like a liquid! 


Want Full Coverage?

Check Out How to Get It! 

Let's Talk Price!

Each kit pictured above contains 1 Foundation,1 Blush, 3 Eyeshadows, 1 Lipgloss, a YL Exclusive Foundation Brush, Misting Spray & Lavender Essential Oil. PLUS your LIFETIME WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP!!!


This means you will NEVER have to pay retail for any of your products should you choose to order again. Product Options Include (but are not limited to): Makeup, Personal Care, Cleaners, Supplements, Baby Products, Pet Supplies, Diffusers & Essential Oils! 

All this is only: $150!!! If you notice, that’s an even bigger discount than you can get on these items when purchased as a wholesale member (even if you purchased on essential rewards!!)  The Savvy Kit is the way to go for everyone--new and current members alike!!!

How To Order:

Enrolling really is super easy! Click HERE to be taken to the enrollment screen. Select "Other Premium Kits", Choose your Foundation Color, Create your personal account and Check Out! 

Smile Gorgeous! Welcome to Our Team! 

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