Are You Ready to Flush the Toxins Out?

Did you know that we carry around 7 pounds of waste in our bodies pretty much all the time? Yup. I said it. And when I found that out for myself, I decided it was time to get rid of it!! 🚽 Having a sluggish or clogged colon affects EVERY aspect of our bodies, and it can allow toxins to push to our other organs, ultimately causing all sorts of disease processes.

If you feel tired all the time, forgetful, anxious, bloated, have skin issues, trouble with fertility, sugar cravings or even struggling with seasonal sadness, then you need to try this Cleansing Trio

Dr. Leann Deardruff and Dr. David Deardruff wrote a book titled, Inner Transformations with Essential Oils; Helping Your Body Cleanse Naturally. It's loaded with a ton of useful information, but one thing that stuck out to me was their statement that a good colon cleanse is well-balanced to support the kidneys and liver. While you are cleansing, a lot of toxins are released that, upon entering the bloodstream or the liver, will make you sick. A well-balanced colon cleanse will have herbs in it to break up mucous, release the caked up lining of the bowel, absorb the toxins so they do not get into the bloodstream, stimulate peristalsis action, and add bulk to help remove the intestinal contents through the system. Both doctors strongly recommended the Cleansing Trio by Young Living to do just that. It comes with a set of instructions, but obviously adjust as needed based on your bodies specific needs.

What I’ve learned is that doing a detox is like hitting the reset button on your body. It’s flushing the toxins out, allowing your body a much needed break. It increases energy levels, balances your hormones, improves digestion, gives your adrenals a break, helps stop cravings, helps you feel joyous all over and gives you beautiful glowing skin. PLUS, it allows your body to take in more of and better utilize the essential oils and healthy products you already use so that less goes to waste!! Do you see why I started this cleanse?!

Today is Day 2 and I have to say that day 1 I was pretty nervous. Nervous of the taste, nervous of how I’d feel, nervous to try something new. But ya know what? I made it, it tasted great mixed with juice, and the only thing that was intimidating was simply the thought of trying something I never had before. If this is you, take that step, be brave. Join me!! You really have nothing to lose—except all that poop and yuck stored up in your system!!

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