Calling All the Busy Mama's

As a busy mama, I don’t have time to be sick. And neither do my kids. I like to keep us well and avoid putting any harmful ingredients into and on our bodies. We have been able to eliminate so many over the counters and sick visits simply by switching out our products with essential oils.

Like the other morning when my daughter felt the sniffles coming on...we were able to roll some oils down her spine and on the bottoms of her feet a few times throughout the day and combat that before it turned into anything. Or the time when I was out in public with a friend last week and didn’t have to rush out because I had Digize essential oil to support my tummy troubles!! Or when my super energetic little boy couldn’t calm down for school and I was able to diffuse some oils that help with focus. And then when the hubby injured his neck (don’t even ask—it was probably during a workout!!) and we had oils to soothe his muscles and hold him over a few days until he could make it to his chiropractor appt for an adjustment.

As if this wasn’t a blessing enough, YL has this incredible monthly wellness box that you can customize with all your essentials. And get this—they ship it right to me whatever date I want, every single month! So we get our toxin-free hand soaps, household cleaner, personal care items, supplements and even makeup(!!!) delivered right to our doorstep at an additional 20% off wholesale. And they gift me up to $300 in free products every single month with my order (we have ditched and switched our shopping centers so we qualify for alll the perks!)

And if I refer a friend to the company? They gift me a referral bonus every single time—no limits!!! So I can literally get ALL our household and wellness products for free. For the past year, we haven’t spent a dollar out of pocket. Can you imagine being able to eliminate that expense from your budget too?! And still give your family GOOD things?! Once you’re a member you get your very own referral link to start sharing. Here’s mine!! Http://

Because I don’t like to keep good things to myself, I decided to share a quick Pop-Up Class with some fun information. Check it out!!

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