Let's Get Savvy!

I’m a sucker for pretty things. Pretty pictures, pretty home decor, pretty clothes. Anything visually appealing. So it was a no brainer once I started using Savvy Minerals that I would fall in love with all the glam. But make up is just makeup to anyone else unless you know what lies beneath. And for me to give up my ride or dies, this new kit on the block had to really prove its worth.

With so many competing brands on the market, why would I want to try this one? Here’s what I learned and what led me to Young Living.

*Most products we use in our homes contain chemicals linked to cancer and other serious ailments. Products such as shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lipsticks and cosmetics, baby products, all contain ingredients that contain carcinogens, reproductive toxins and neurotoxins. It’s no wonder when in an age of such advanced technology, our health is suffering!! With increases in cancer, learning disabilities, asthma and damaged sperm, many are facing the repercussions and yet don’t understand why. Could it be the cause is lurking from within our medicine cabinets and make up bags? Hmmm….

*The average woman is exposed to over 500 chemicals and toxins every single day, and many of them before breakfast! And while not all of the ingredients in our personal care products are harmful, less than 20% have actually been tested for safety. So we are left without information about what we are actually putting on our skin and into our bodies. Scary! Would you fly in a plane that has only been 20% inspected? Ummm...no. So why do we settle with our products?

*It only takes 26 seconds for a product touching your skin to be absorbed into your body and travel into your bloodstream. Many people think of the skin as a barrier, when it’s actually a carrier. So many products sit on our skin all day long, such as cosmetics and clothing washed and dried in harmful toxins. And although our bodies were made to defend against these things, the constant attack causes a bioaccumulation within the body, leaving us in a constant state of restlessness and defense.

*On cosmetics labels, words like herbal, natural and even organic have NO legal definition. That means that ANYbody can put anything in a bottle and call it natural. And they DO!!! Since 1938 the FDA has only banned 8 out of over 12,000 ingredients used in cosmetics. They don't even require that all the ingredients be listed on the label. Ouch!

*When I found Young Living and took the time to research their products, I learned that they were DIFFERENT. Their quality promises go beyond the common industry standards, and the Seed to Seal Pillar stood as genuinely as their open-door farm policies. THAT was a company I could trust. Unlike companies with false advertisements and hidden ingredients, Young Living never compromises. I found that appealing and refreshing.

*Savvy Minerals is formulated without all the harmful yuck. There are no dyes, synthetic fragrances, gluten or soy. No mineral oil, no petrochemicals, no talc. No parabens, metal, nano-particles, phthalates and bismuth! Phew! Now that was a mouthful!!

So what DOES this amazing line contain?

*Savvy Ingredients Include:

Kaolin clay; Reduces oily skin, detoxifies and soothes.

Arrowroot Powder; Absorbs excess oil, soothes the skin and provides a natural glow.

Aloe; Nourishes the skin, provides moisture and maintains a youthful appearance.

Vitamin E; A nourishing antioxidant that promotes healthy skin.

Aspen Bark Extract; A natural preservative that smooths and softens skin.

Jojoba Oil; An antioxidant that moistens and softens lips!

So while these are only a FEW of the reasons why I chose to ditch and switch, the final reason was that it looks great and sits beautifully on my skin. My complexion glows, my skin deals with less breakouts, the color lasts and the coverage is amazing. I can throw on a 5 minute face or glam it out by building it up. And I feel confident and SAFE using it. With that kind of peace of mind, I walked away from “high end” brands and chose to flaunt my Savvy instead. To me, it stands in a class of its own.

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