Benefits of Diffusing

I diffuse because it makes my heart happy. When I breathe in an oil, it takes my mood and amps it up in whatever direction I want it to go. So if I need to bring the calm, funnel my focus, or even energize myself, all of that comes from my oils and this gorgeous diffuser! Breathing in essential oils affects the limbic system; the part of the brain that controls emotions and our fight or flight response. Different scents trigger different emotional responses, which can result in emotional stability, calmness, relaxation and yes, even energy!

Other reasons I love diffusing?

🌿To Purify the Air: Essential oils actually alter the odor molecule structure, rather than just covering them up and combat airborne pathogens.

🌿To Breathe Easier: During this season, we diffuse Thieves and R.C. to help support our respiratory systems.

🌿To Boost My Immune System: Essential oils are also great for detoxing, helping cleanse and clear the body of toxic build-up. Research Thieves, Frankincense & Oregano oils and their benefits!

🌿To Sleep Better: Essential oils can help you fall asleep easier and improve sleep quality by calming and relaxing your body and mind.

Plus, my house smells amazing as I bask in my “mood therapy” sesh! All the emotional support without the therapist or expensive meds!!

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