Confessions From the Laundry Room...

Mamas, will you stop scrolling for just a sec? I need to talk to you... Did you know that one of the most dangerous toxins we have in our homes is our laundry detergent and dryer sheets? Those products, even the ones that say they are natural, are still loaded with chemicals and toxins that will damage our sweet little’s developing bodies in so many ways. Did you know that children’s skin is so much more permeable than adults? Not to mention, their developing bodies can’t take all that extra overload. Clothes sit on their skin and as they lay on their sheets—their body is absorbing these toxins within 26 seconds...I know, scary. These petrochemicals, optical brighteners, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and more cause issues with their respiratory system, mood, hormones and behavior (endocrine), issues with fertility, focus, migraines, crankiness, and so much more. Over time these toxins will build up in their bodies causing them not to function as strongly as they should. But I don’t say this to scare you—I say this to EMPOWER you. Since the FDA has no real regulation on labeling a cleaner, personal care product (or even our cosmetics!) as all natural and organic, pretty much ANYone can slap that on their label and call it a day...and they do!! They aren't even required to list all the ingredients contained in that product on the labels! Because of this, WE need to do our own research. Lucky for us, technology has made this pretty EASY.

Grab your smartphone, download the free Think Dirty App and start scanning the barcodes of your products. It will show you a rating of just how toxic that product actually is, and what it causes as a result in the body. When you’re ready to do a Ditch & Switch, I’m here to help you customize an easy and affordable way to make it happen. One of my biggest recommendations is to go with Thieves Laundry Detergent and some wool dryer balls with essential oils. And most obvs, replace your current products with YL Essential Oils. Cause every oil you use is a chemical you are NOT using. Quick, easy and 100% toxin free. Works beautifully and gets the job done. All this coming from a wife of a painter, mama of 2 active kiddos and one stinky furbaby who have all enjoyed kicking those chemicals to the curb! What do you plan to ditch and switch. Share your laundry room confessions down below ;)

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