April's Team Theme Scent

Every month as a team we try to foster new ways to develop our community. Hopping into this essential oils journey can, for some, be a totally new way of thinking. Using our oils TOGETHER makes it a fun experience and allows us to be creative and step outside our comfort zones 💕 It allows for focus and inspiration, consistency and comradery. Friendships are built and others are strengthened as we get to share in each others success stories and in a little bit of each others life experiences. We learn SO much and we really do develop more of a habit in this whole “plant juice” lifestyle. Plus, it helps us to reap SO many more health benefits as well! When you know better, you do better and consistency helps you EXPERIENCE real results!! 🌿💓 I just launched April’s #teamthemescents. I’ve decided to pick 3 oils for our community to smell up the month of April with. It’s going to be AH-MAZING and I can.not.wait to see everyone’s crazy creativity!!!

I’ve chosen Manuka (helllo glowing skin for spring!!), Lemongrass (ummm, give me all the fresh scents please) and Grapefruit (boost my metabolism every single day!) 🙌🏼 Want to join in with us?? Want to join the BEST essential oils community EVER and have ALLLL the tools and resources, and all the FUN you need to keep your inspiration flowing?! Hop on board with me today and get your very own Premium Starter Kit. We’ve got tons of choices, but I always recommend getting on that oily train first. I mean, the Desert Mist diffuser!!! How can you resist?! Link in comments to get started. Oil it up babes!!! April’s gonna be AMAZING!!!

Krista @ Under The Myrtle Tree

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