Stop Yelling


Ok, so I have to admit. I am a yeller. I was raised in a home where yelling was a norm. AND I’m Italian. So combine those two together and you’ve got a lifetime of bad habits! BUT, I’m also a Christian and I know the heart changes I am supposed to walk in and model. Faith aside, I also know a BAD habit when I see one. Pretty much everyone does. I hate that I resort to all the emotions of frustrations. They really are just feelings and those feelings WILL pass. I found an incredible mama online who speaks SO MUCH TRUTH into this and helps us to break that cycle/habit/tendency. Whatever you want to call it--it CAN be overcome. Something she said struck a cord to me. Why do we expect better behavior from our kids than what we are modeling ourselves? Our kids are expressing themselves at their age level. Are we? Yes, they need to be trained through bad behavior. But we should be past that stage of yelling, right? It sounds so simple, but as a mom, I know what it’s like to feel like I’ve been pushed over the edge!!! Haha I’m sure you feel me, right? Some tips? #1: Prepare for your day.

Get up before your kiddos. If you are a Christian that could look like some time in prayer and a simple devotional. Outside of focusing on your faith, you could spend some time in quiet, setting your intentions for your day.

#2: Write out what you would ideally want your day to look like.

Then make a list of tasks you want your kiddos to do and who will do these tasks. This only needs to take a couple minutes but it helps our children know what is expected of them ahead of time.

#3. Redirect.

This works great with younger kids. Simply changing their scenery or their focus is enough to diffuse a problem.

#4. Establish a place of calm that you can go to step away when you just NEED a minute.

Have your children do the same. It is not a place of time out. It is a place each can go to re-set during times of frustration.

I realize that sometimes our actions are a result of just being plain old tired, over-worked, stressed or hormonal.

Yes, all those things are real issues that need to be dealt with in order for us to rationally deal with our kids. So no worries, I’ll also touch on this in the days ahead. And if you need an essential oil to help with dealing with the occasional stresses so you can safely navigate these feelings? Yes, there is an oil for that. In fact, there are many. And as a mama, I use them DAILY. Let's chat! Until then, here is that amazing and resourceful mama I told you about in the beginning.

Check out her IG account here and see what she has to say. You may find yourself considering taking this “no yelling” challenge too. She’s got her challenge broken down by day. My philosophy? Take the best and leave the rest.

Why is not yelling so important as I dive into sharing how to prepare for Back To School?

Because it totally does set the vibe for your home and the tone of your entire day. You don’t want to start your homeschool miserable or send your kids off on the bus with angst in their hearts. They will literally carry that with them ALL day long. When I put it into action, I can testify to that truth!!! Again ladies, we’re gonna need ALL the Stress Away essential oil along with this one!

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