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Give yourself some freedom mamas, lunches don’t have to be so dang perfect. Sometimes even just a snack assortment is good, and you can keep it balanced AND fun! Here are some go-to’s we like. It’s not anything you haven’t done before I’m sure, but it’s ideas for you just in case you want to keep it interesting: ✅Tuna sandwiches with a side of carrot chips & some fruit snacks

✅Pb & j with fresh fruit and some dessert

✅Fresh green beans, cucumbers, cheese, gf crackers fruit with a side of hummus or peanut butter.

✅Egg salad sandwich, with some chips and a side.

✅Leftovers of their favorite dinner from the night before.

✅Drinks: We try to avoid a ton of juices, especially b/c buying juiceboxes for more than 1 kid can get super expensive. Soo...we flavor our kids’ waters with their favorite Vitality Essential Oils! Our favorite go to’s are often: Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit & Peppermint! A perk is that you get all the BEST health values, minus the sugar-and all you need is just ONE single drop!!! 🌿These oils aide in digestion, helps detox the body, boosts immune system & enhances mental clarity!! (amongst other things) And EVERY kid could use some of this by middle of the day!

So basically, simple & easy is THE way to go. I just do a rotation so it doesn’t get too boring and lunches always seem to be my kids favorite meal!

Something a little extra I love to include is a packet of Ningxia Red. It’s a berry flavored juice supplement that’s FILLED with antioxidants (think brain food, mental clarity, energy & focus for the rest of their school day, PLUS immune support). It sounds too good for their body’s to actually TASTE good, doesn’t it? But actually, my kids ask me for MORE every time--it’s SO DELISH! What’s nice about this is that even if for some reason I’m slacking in my nutrition sources one day, I can know they are getting even more than what they’d be getting if my food prep game was on point!!! So I toss it in and don’t think twice about it. They come in single serve packets so they are SO super easy! Annnnndddd…..Of course @MsRachelHollis does it again with her organization and her tips. I swear this woman is my spirit animal! Here’s a link to how she preps ahead of time. Some tips I love? Prep your kid’s lunches ahead of time for the week. This is SO worth your time b/c:

#1 You can grab and go when you’re in a hurry

#2 Even if you homeschool, it’s one less thing you have to stop and “do”

#3 Lunches are planned so there’s no arguing or wondering what you’re going to make

#4 Planning their snacks keeps portions under control and in turn, SAVES YOU MONEY.

Even if you just have the snacks and sides ready, all you’d have to do is make their sandwich for the day.

I LOVE how she organizes the lunches for each kid!

See this walked out here.

Do your kids need some encouragement or do you plain old just want to add a bright spot to their day? Keep an eye out in that link to where she shows you how she preps her lunch box notes too!

I’ll post more on chore charts and daily schedules later...cause today we’re working to get our organization ON POINT.

Xoxo’s Krista

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