Offering Your Kids Incentives


How do you incentivize your kids? For me? I like to give all different kinds of rewards for their achievements. No, I’m not looking to buy their love or affirm them with a whole bunch of STUFF. But I am a homeschool mama so I want to keep things fun and interesting and encourage doing so while learning! What I am also looking to do is to instill in them an entrepreneurial mindset and show them that when they put hard work into the task at hand, they will reap the benefits from it. In our home, this year, that’s in the form of a prize basket--and my kids already can’t wait to get started!!

Here are some ideas for you….

Let the dollar store be your guide! Haha (b/c I know someone is going to ask, I got this gold metal bin from Target’s One Spot last year for just a couple bucks. You can always find stuff like this there). For the prizes though, I went to my local dollar store and let the kids pick out things they’d want to work for. I told them they could spend about $10 each and they had a ton of fun picking all the things!

For those of you who don’t want to spend the money or prefer to do more than just “stuff”, I feel you! Fun gifts or prizes do NOT have to be just things. So...other ideas that we plan to include? #1 Organic Gummy Bears/candy/gumballs

#2 “Free pass” to get out of a certain chore or responsibility for a day

#3 Family movie night or game night. Also, in order to teach them the importance of serving, my hope is to model the importance by making this a REWARD. My plan is to let them pick some ways they’d love to bless someone and include some of those as prizes. It really is a PRIVILEGE to be able to serve another person. What a great way to do that by letting them look at that like a GIFT?! Friends…I’m sure we can put our minds together to think of a bunch more, yes? Let’s come up with enough ideas to make this last all year! To see all my goodies, hop over to My Instastories & check them out there! And as always, tag a mama or teacher friend who you know would find this helpful!

xoxo's Krista

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