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Ok, so I’ve got to admit. I’m not the queen of organization. Nor am I even the princess, the dutchess or maid in the royal palace. Well, maybe I’m the maid and that’s why I need some help 😂😂 I think this job is getting a little old--and so are my kids—so we’ve transitioned them into helping with our chores and I thought maybe you’d like a sneak peak on how you can do the same in YOUR royal palace! If you’re not a queen of organization either, ORRRR if you are but would love another tool in your mama toolbox, here’s some pretty neat chore charts you may find helpful.


Also, if your kids are not loving the idea of actually DOING their chores and all you hear are complaints, click here for some fun ways my girl Rachel Hollis suggested to get them to actually ENJOY getting chores DONE!

Since I love to hear other people’s perspectives on what they do in their homes or think is age appropriate work, click here for some info/a general guideline on chore recommendations by age that I found online.

Lastly, here are a bunch of fun ones for you!

Customizable Free Chore Chart Printables

Chores for Hire Chart

Click here to visit my Facebook page where I give you a tour of the charts I've made and the fun things I've done in my home!

I hope you enjoy and found this to be a blessing in your journey as well! Us mama’s need to stick together so if you have any great resources to share, add them in the comments below! And remember to tag a mama friend whom you think would find this helpful!!

xoxo's Krista

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