Laundry rooms are likely the most toxic room in our homes.

Dryer sheets are the worst. Because they are designed to stay on the clothes, rather than be rinsed off, we are left living our lives clothed in toxic chemicals.

With dryer sheets, we wrap our family in toxins known to:

+ cause skin irritation

+ inflame the lungs/throat or even cause asthma

+ disrupt hormones

+ bring on headaches

+ cause cancer

+ ...and a whole lot of other awful stuff

Here's a tricky bit: Manufacturers are actually not required to list all ingredients. So, even if you *think* you are making a good choice, you may still be getting the very ingredients you wished to avoid. It's hard to be an informed consumer when you aren't actually being informed. You may unknowingly be tucking your babies into a sea of toxins at night.

Don't worry, there's hope.

DRYER BALLS are the new dryer sheets.

Just toss 3-5 dryer balls in with your clothes. If you want to infuse your clothes or linens with aromatherapy benefits, just drop a few drops of your favorite oil on the ball.

(I got my dryer balls about 2 years ago and have a family of 4. Mine are still going strong!)


+ Tea Tree or Purification are both great for defunking and refreshing clothes!

+ Lavender or Stress Away are nice for bedsheets or baby clothes.

+ Orange and Joy together for an uplifting summer scent.

+ Eucalyptus Radiata or Raven for towels to add a spa-vibe to your bathroom.

+ Lemongrass because it smells like nature's candy. Seriously.

+Stress Away because you'll smell like a vacation and well, the name says it all!

If you don't have oils yet, the Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get started! You'll instantly have 11 oils, a diffuser, a 24% off member price, and a tribe full of encouragers! A year from today, you'll wish you began today.

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