10 Easy Ways to Stay Well

Apparently, we're coming up on cold & flu season! Only, here is a crazy fact: Flu season does not exist! "Flu season" is actually just an inability to *adapt* as a result of less sunshine & water combined with too much sugar and stress.

No matter what the time of year, here are our TOP 10 TIPS TO STAY ABOVE THE WELLNESS LINE.

1. USE YOUR THIEVES EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s a powerful way to support your immune system so your body can fight the good fight and win. This could mean you apply it to your feet (making a pre-diluted roll-on makes this super easy to swipe on yourself and the kiddos). This could also mean that you take a drop under your tongue (be warned, it is spicy), MAKE IT INTO TEA or even diffuse it in the air. Protip: In times when an increased immune response is necessary, apply Thieves roller up to every 30 minutes.

2. TAKE YOUR SHOT OF NINGXIA RED EVERY DAY. NINGXIA is loaded with antioxidants, which work hard to remove free radicals from the body. Free radicals damage immune cells, so you can see how it would be important to get rid of them! NingXia Red also helps support healthy blood sugar balance, our circulatory system and cognitive health, so it’s easy to see why saying “cheers” and taking a shot (or two) of NingXia each day is a really good step in the direction of wellness!

3. TAKE A PROBIOTIC. Young Living has a really great probiotic called Life9 that I take every single day. Don't forget to refrigerate it after opening though! The vast majority of our immune system resides in our gut, which depends on being colonized by good, life supporting bacteria. “Probiotic” literally means “for life.” So, take a Life9 probiotic for life! Want a great option for kiddos? Ours LOVE Young Living's Mighty Pro! Taken once daily, this blend of pre AND probiotics literally taste like pixie sticks to help kids easily get them down, and work to cause the body to naturally respond with replication of the necessary healthy gut bacteria to keep your kiddos immune systems flourishing!

4. TAKE SOME ELDERBERRY SYRUP EVERY DAY. There are SO many benefits of elderberry syrup, such as it's ability to fight influenza and viral and bacterial infections. Elderberries are packed with nutrients such as the minerals potassium, iron and phosphorous, as well as Vitamins A, B, C & D. I found this recipe from a sweet friend of mine @fitandhealthymomlife and I'm making this one too. It’s easy to make and even easier to modify- especially since I'll be using my vitality essential oils instead of dried herbs! This makes for a delicious way to boost your immune system. It can be taken by the spoonful, added to smoothies, poured over pancakes & waffles or stirred into tea. You really can’t go wrong!


2/3 Cup elderberries

4 Cups Water

2 Tbsp fresh ginger (or substitute with Young Living's Ginger Vitality Essential Oil)

1 Cinnamon Stick (or substitute with Young Living's Cinnamon Bark Vitality Essential Oil)

1/2 tsp cloves (or substitute with Young Living's Clove Vitality Essential Oil)

1 Cup Raw Organic Local Honey


Bring elderberries, water, ginger & cinnamon stick to a boil and simmer 45 mins to an hour. If using Cinnamon Bark Vitality Essential Oil, simmer without the oil and add drops after.

Let cool & then strain and pour over 1 cup of raw honey. Mix well.

Pour into a mason jar and store in your refrigerator.

Note: You can freeze elderberry syrup so we suggest storing what you will need/use within a month in the fridge, and then freezing the rest in mason jars.

Recommended Dosage:

Child Preventative: 1 teaspoon daily.

Child Immune Boost: 1 teaspoon every 2-3 hours

Adult Preventative: 2 tablespoons daily

Adult Immune Boost: 2 tablespoons every 2-3 hours

5. EAT CLEAN. Eating a nutrient rich, nourishing diet is SO important. We can support the systems of our body with essential oil, but we have to give it what it needs to remain healthy. I like to use Grapefruit Vitality Essential Oil and Ocotea Vitality as a supplement in water or alone to help curb cravings so I stay on the right track! Pure Protein Complete is another great way to be sure you’re getting all the good stuff your body needs! It contains 22 grams of Young Living’s Complete Amino Profile Blend and includes a vegetarian enzyme complex that supports proper digestion and metabolism. As a bonus, it tastes AMAZING!

6. DRINK WATER. Did you know that it's recommended to drink at least half your body weight in water PER DAY? So for the sake of easy math, say you weigh 100 pounds, you'd need to drink around 50 oz of water per day (about 7 eight ounce glasses). Drinking plenty of water has a HUGE affect on our health: think clear and glowing skin, curbed hunger, higher energy and more! Pro tip? Add citrus oils to your water to make it delicious and something you look forward to drinking! This also helps support your body's ability to detox, making it that much easier for you to fight off any bugs.

7. GET SLEEP. Obviously, we all need rest. Often, this is easier said than done (am I right, mamas?). Luckily, we have several ways to use oils to help get lots of sleep! Using relaxing oils at bedtime will really help with this. These can be used on your chest, forehead, brainstem and feet, focusing on the big toe as that is the VitaFlex point for the brain. They can also be used in the diffuser, mixed into epsom salt in a bath, added to warm water to make tea or even spritzed on the bedding as a linen spray. Some suggestions for relaxing oils are Lavender, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile, Valerian, Tranquil, RutaVala, Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Dream Catcher and Surrender. Young Living also makes a wonderful supplement to encourage a restful night of sleep called Sleep Essence. It is glorious!

8. MOVE YOUR BODY. Staying still for long periods of time can put you at the same risk for heart disease as someone who smokes. Moving feels good because it’s good for you! Do what your body is intended to do and get some exercise. Before getting active, I like to apply some Breathe Again, which supports a healthy respiratory system, or Peppermint, which may improve performance. Taking a NingXia Nitro prior to working out can also give a great energy boost! When I’m done, I use Cool Azul Sports Gel and/or Cool Azul essential oil blend on my muscles. The cooling sensation it provides feels so nice!

9. RELAX. Stress is killer and it can effect your body, thoughts, and feelings. It comes in many forms and it’s different for all of us. Take some time to see what is causing you the most stress and what you can do to reduce or eliminate it. For me, excess stuff was cluttering up my mind and paralyzing me. I harnessed the power of the blends Motivation and Surrender and did a serious clean-out of my home. I could feel my stress levels drop with every load I dropped off for our church donations to the Ukraine Orphanage. Also, be sure you take some time to just “be.” Take a bath, meditate, do a bit of yoga, write in a journal, whatever makes you feel content! Epsom salt baths are one of my favorite ways to relax. I add a few cups of epsom salt to the bottom of my empty tub and stir 4-5 drops of essential oil in it before running the water. My favorites are Stress Away, Lavender and Peace and Calming.

10. DITCH THE TOXINS. We all want a clean home, but did you know that nearly all the products on the market meant to “clean” our home are FULL of toxins that are left behind on all the surfaces you spray it on. It’s also expensive and cumbersome to buy and store different cleaners for each cleaning job. Thieves Household Cleaner is an amazing plant-based concentrate that will save you TONS of money and actually CLEAN every surface of your home. You could also use Thieves Laundry Soap so you aren’t walking around with the chemical version of a “field of flowers” rubbing against your skin and being inhaled into your lungs. Fragrance is the new second hand smoke. Awful stuff! Thieves Laundry Soap works incredibly well and leaves clothes and linens smelling and looking fresh and clean! Fewer toxins means less yuck to weigh our body down and tax our system. Adding in organic dryer balls scented with Orange or Lemongrass Essential Oils are a great substitute for those harmful fabric softeners and dryer sheets and work to fluff up your clothes & get them to smell amazing, all while also cutting down on drying time! That means our body is left to function as it was meant to and that is exactly what we’re going for here!

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