Every Mom Needs Oils

Essential Oils are a part of our daily life. From when we wake up in the morning and add oils to our diffuser, to when we take our daily vitamins and run out the door to face the world. It’s an easy solution to a fast paced life and a great way to ensure your family is well taken care of. Our bodies are diverse and our needs are many. But oils are simple and easy and most of all, our bodies recognize them as plants so they use them that much more efficiently.

Our kiddos are bombarded with well over 100,000 more chemicals on the grocery store shelves than when our grandparents were around. It’s such a huge difference in our way of life, and the amount of toxins we are exposed to is rather scary. We are seeing so many of these effects on our health already in the form of asthma, eczema, hormone problems, behavior issues, migraines and the list goes on. I took some time to research this and I decided there had to be a better way.

Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils are plant based, and distilled at the proper temperature without the use of chemicals, pesticides, solvents, or synthetics. I only trust Young Living, because they are the only company with a Seed to Seal Promise of their purity. They actually own their own farms worldwide (and work with partner farms) that won’t cut corners to make a buck.

Gary Young often said he only made his products for a purpose, not a profit–and that speaks volumes to their integrity. If I was going to make the transition to this lifestyle easy, I had to do it with a company I could trust. And over time, I’ve visited their farms and their open door policy gave this mama’s heart such peace.

So What Do I Use My Oils For?

Pretty much EVERYthing.

…Like the other morning when my daughter felt the sniffles coming on…we were able to roll some oils down her spine and on the bottoms of her feet a few times throughout the day and combat that before it turned into anything.

…Or the time when I was out in public with a friend and didn’t have to rush out because I had Digize essential oil to support my tummy troubles!!

…Or when my super energetic little boy couldn’t calm down for school and I was able to diffuse some oils to help him with focus.

…And then when the hubby injured his neck (don’t even ask—it was probably during a workout!!) and we had oils to soothe his muscles and hold him over a few days until he could make it to his chiropractor appt for an adjustment.

…And these are just SOME of the ways.

No one’s got time for being sick. Either you support your body to keep yourself and your family living ABOVE the wellness line, or you react, race out to the pharmacist and grab yourself some over the counters or antibiotics because the problem has gone too far. Who’s got time to deal with that? Not me.

I like the idea of knowing my family and I have products made from only the purest ingredients on earth. It’s not just some bottle with a clean green little label on it. I’ve come to find that even my “natural” products I use to buy that I THOUGHT were clean and “green” were actually only masked with pretty labels and were doing more harm to us than good. How upsetting to know I was being duped once I researched what was still inside!

So Why Should You Try Oils?

Because oils are a better way. For every essential oil you use, that’s a plethora of chemicals you AREN’T using. And isn’t that a relief? Oils can support anything from easing a child’s mind after a long day at school, to helping calm and relax us as we are heading off to bed. They help get you to sleep and keep you asleep–and what a relief to that restless mind!

They Work To:

  • Support a healthy immune system, digestive system, circulatory system and more

  • Help us process those difficult emotions, offer relief when we aren’t feeling well, and boost our mood and energy levels when we are tired and worn down

  • Assist with hormone support, mood, menstrual cycles, libido and more

Men can use oils too! There are beard oils, and cologne oils, pre-workout oils and more!

Oils for Cleaning Use

Oils can also be used as healthy alternatives to toxic cleaning chemicals in the home.

Thieves Cleaner or Lemon Essential Oil comes in handy when your child writes in permanent marker all over your walls or leaves stickers on your counter tops! Or, you simply want to be able to pass along the chores and not worry about who’s breathing in the toxins! You can literally start swapping out every single chemical cleaning toxin in your home to live a purer lifestyle. And as a frugal mama, I can tell you, you can do it without breaking the bank!

Here’s a simple look at things we’ve replaced in our home with Young Living products. These are BROAD categories since I don’t have space on a poster board to show you all of the things we’ve made too (facial serums, lip balms, hand soap, etc.). 24 months with Young Living’s monthly wellness box and our lives are sooo different and so much healthier! What’s exciting is that a lot of this stuff was FREE from our Essential Rewards program so… did it break the bank? Nope. Was it easy? Yup. Am I done ditching and switching? Yup! We are 100% toxin free in our home (unless something is hiding in a dark corner) and we regret nothing.

Why All Oil Brands Aren’t Created Equal

Peace of mind is important to my family. Knowing I can trust what we are using, especially with so many other brands out there on the market trying to bombard the industry. As consumers, and especially as parents, we need to know our stuff. At least enough to know when other brands don’t make the cut. Some sell their oils cheaper because they have cut corners to make a profit.

They use chemicals to distill so they can gain a higher yield. They dilute their contents in the bottles and then they label them organic because the FDA says only 5% of an oil in the bottle is enough to call it therapeutic. But is that really the kind of standard you want to hold your products to that go in and on your family’s bodies? I didn’t think so. With Young Living as the forefront of pure oils, that peace of mind I mentioned makes me pretty confident.

Additional Benefits of Essential Oils

#1 A Healthy, Longer Life

I read recently that the average woman applies over 80 chemicals to her body before breakfast every single day. And over 300 by the time she leaves the house. I’ve also learned that our skin is not a barrier, but a carrier and is also our largest organ. So what we apply in and on our body actually reaches the bloodstream in just 26 seconds and every single cell in our body in just 22 minutes–and that happens much quicker and on a deeper scale when it’s a child. Their developing bodies are much more sensitive to toxins and can not handle as much as that of an adult. On top of that, these toxins build up in the body over time, bombarding our systems and coming out in various ways.

What if we could turn back time simply by choosing an alternative? If putting harmful ingredients in our body’s actually can cut down our amount of time, then wouldn’t replacing that with a healthy alternative in turn provide us with longevity?

#2: Financial Freedom

I never ever thought I’d become a part of an MLM. When I began my journey with Young Living, it didn’t feel as icky as you may think. To many, MLM sounds more like a dirty word-but before you bail, let me share with you a little something. Young Living has simply taken the store concept-let’s say like Target, and removed the storefront, the marketing dollars, the overhead such as electricity, employees, benefits, etc and in place of that, has offered individuals like you and me, who consume and LOVE their products, the opportunity to share them with our friends and loved ones IF we want to.

I was introduced in such a loving way by my aunt who chose to bless us. Every month for years into our marriage, she’d mail us bottles of Young Living Oils with little notes attached each time. She knew the power of this “plant juice” and she had so many testimonies to share with us. When she saw us struggling with our health, she simply loved on us to help, and these essential oils became a gateway to those freedoms. I never once felt pressured or sold to and that’s the way I run my business too.

On top of that, we offer community when you enroll with our amazing team. Under the Myrtle Tree provides a place of life and hope for families looking for a better way. It’s comforting to know you have friends who will welcome you with open arms and who want to see your health be blessed! If not for this community, our road with oils would not be as fun! Once you enroll as a part of our team, you will have access to our exclusive resources in our Members Only Page Here and our Facebook Community Here. Come oil with us, friend! What are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts

I’d love to end with this…sure you could take an over the counter for your symptoms…but what if you could try a natural alternative first instead? One that’s been around for centuries and is really tried and true. We appreciate modern medicine and have had to use it from time to time. But I can say with honesty, that outside of my sons Lyme Disease, neither of our children have ever had to use an antibiotic at any time in their entire lives. Not because we never catch anything, but because we have decided to support everything with these amazing wellness and lifestyle choices.

If you feel like you’re ready to connect or you’d love to learn even more, we offer so many forms of education and information that will empower you as it informs. I’d love to connect and share my heart, my story and my recommendations with anyone who is willing to learn.

I’m no medical professional, just a mama like you who decided to do some research and who stands here 12 years later with so many affirming testimonies.

I can’t wait to get to know you!


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