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Simplify Your Gift Giving With Oils!

December 15, 2018




It's the most wonderful time of the year and one of the ways we can show that is by being intentional with how we pour out our blessings. For my family, we work within a budget, so one of my favorite ways to gift is with something thoughtful, useful , unique and homemade!  The best part about what we do is that it's FUN, EASY and our kids can help too!


If you're one of those people who feel guilty for gifting DIY's, let me help to share with you a different perspective. What if you could give gifts that are well thought out, spoke to the person's needs and is something they won't just shove in a closet b/c it didn't suit their style? Seriously--we've all been there!  And here is where I am coming from...I believe EVERY family NEEDS essential oils. How can I say that so confidently, you ask? CLICK HERE to see why! 


Oils date back THOUSANDS of years and have been used to promote a restful nights sleep, and support our immune systems. They help with cleaning, cooking, fighting seasonal annoyances, soothing sore muscles, boosting respiratory systems, beautifying the skin, regulating moods and making life smell AH-MAZING (& more!!!) They contain healing properties (at least the good ones do!!!) and are THE safest alternative to what's on the marketplace shelves right now! So many harmful ingredients lurk hidden behind pretty labels and the effects they are having on our health are causing us to become one of the most unhealthy people, despite our crazy advances in technology! It just doesn't make sense, does it? Oils provide a better way.  You feeling me yet?


Gifting alternatives to the norm is what makes your blessing so unique. Presenting it pretty  is what makes it super fun, and the effectiveness of Young Living's Oils are what makes them super effective! You'll have your gift recipient wondering what took them so long to try them! 


Today we're gifting hostesses, teachers, nannys, bus drivers and more! Whomever is on your list is going to LOVE this Christmas Room Spray!



 This spray is SO simple to make and is ALWAYS a hit to those who receive it.


What you'll need: 


2 oz glass spray bottle

Splash of Witch Hazel

15 Drops Christmas Spirit Essential Oil

10 Drops Pine Essential Oil

Fill With Distilled Water

Shake & Spritz


For all oils supplies, check out our Oily Swag Shopping List! 


To learn more about why you'd want to replace other products (such as plug-ins, candles, store bought room sprays etc.)  with essential oils, CLICK HERE. 




Male or Female will LOVE this gift of soothing bath salts. From the athlete to the mama, from little kids to big. This soak makes for THE most relaxing, soothing experience when you need to just unwind. Coupled with the bath salts, these essential oils work to calm and relax the mind, detox the body and soothe sore muscles.


What You'll Need:


Mason Jar or Glass Jar (I always find THE cutest ones at Target Dollar Spot)

1 Cup Epson Salts

15 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

15 Drops Stress Away Essential Oil

A Splash of Fractionted Coconut Oil 


Mix ingredients together and store in mason jar. Disperse into bath and allow to dissolve in water as you bathe.



We all go through an array of feelings during the holiday season. We’re excited b/c of all the fun events, the family and friends who travel in to see us or the trips we make to visit others. We’re cooking, we’re cleaning, we’re doing ALL.THE.THINGS. BUT….it’s not all Merry and Bright for everyone. Sometimes we need a little support. That's where oils come in! And why not gift a gorgeous Happy Roller to spread some cheer?!



What You'll Need:


Glass Roller Bottles


Here are some of our favorite shops:

Plants & Oils

Whimsy & Wellness

Astro Barn Designs


Option 1:

10 Drops Joy

10 Drops Orange


Option 2:

10 Drops Joy

10 Drops Ylang Ylang

10 Drops Stress Away

10 Drops Valor



Roll on neck, wrists as needed to smell incredible and boost your holiday cheer!!



CLICK HERE for some info on the incredible effects of the oils in this combo. You can make this serum without the Rose Essential Oil, but if you have it, you'll be amping this up to queen worthy. 


What You'll Need:


10 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil

10 Drops Copaiba Essential Oil

10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 Drops Rose Essential Oil (Optional)

Jojoba Oil

Glass Serum Bottle


Punch Label Maker


Add ingredients to a dropper bottle and add to your evening routine after cleansing and toning.