7 Ways To Reuse Your Empties

Step One: How to Wash Empty Essential Oil Bottles

(& Easily Remove the Label)

Before you reuse your empty bottles, it's important to clean them out and get them ready to repurpose. Surprisingly, it's pretty easy to do!

Here are some quick, step by step instructions:

1. Run some hot water into a clean bowl and add some gentle castile soap or your favorite hand soap.

2. Remove the lid, orifice (reducer insert) and empty bottle & place into the water to soak for about 5 minutes.

3. Remove the label by finding the seam and starting there. Use the soapy water to remove any residue. If any residue remains, Lemon essential oil will do the trick. Add a quick drop to the surface and rub off with your fingers. Then rinse completely with some warm water.

4. Remove the bottle, lid, and orifice from the water, rinse and allow to dry completely before reusing.

*Bonus Option: Before washing out your empties, fill a glass container or jar with Epsom Salts. Remove the lid and orifice from your essential oil bottle(s) and place all pieces, including bottle(s) into the Epsom salts. Let sit for a few hours and allow for the salts to soak up any remaining oil. Save the salts in the glass jar and use at bath time for a Gentle & Relaxing Detox Soak.

Now that our empty bottles are clean, it’s time for the fun part!

7 Easy Ways to Reuse Essential Oil Bottles:

1.One of my favorite ways to reuse my empties is to turn it into something new. I am super huge into skincare, so I love to mix up a Serum Recipe of Frankincense, Copaiba, Rose and Lavender Oil and then fill with rosehip or jojoba oil. I add a roller fitment cap and glide over my skin to reveal, fresh, healthy, glowing skin.

2.Since you emptied the bottle it’s probably an essential oil you LOVE, so once your new bottle arrives in the mail, refill the bottle halfway from the new bottle you purchased and store the refilled bottle in your purse to carry with you wherever you go. Now you have two bottles of your favorites, one at home and one for on-the-go!

3. Wash and remove the label from the bottle (see tips on this above) and make your own beauty blend for overnight trips. This would be great for the overnight facial moisturizer or to store your ART Gentle Toner.

4. Clean the bottle and fill with your favorite essential oil blend mixed with fractionated coconut oil to make your own roller blend. All you have to do is insert an AromaGlide roller fitment (SEE HOW HERE!) and you have an on-the-go roller blend. My kids all have their own blend and they love to ask for them when we’re out of the house. So this is perfect for keeping them on hand when you really need them. Tips for making my favorite wellness blend can be found HERE.

5. Fill the bottle with 10 – 20 drops of your favorite essential oil, and give to a friend to share the joy of essential oils. Or save the empty bottles for when you want to deliver a special mixture to a friend who needs an extra boost, or deliver some essential oils to a friend who might be waiting for their next Essential Rewards order to arrive.

​6.Before washing the bottle, add a little bit of distilled water (or water appropriate for your diffuser) to the empty EO bottle, and then pour it into your diffuser. This is a great way to get the last little bits of the precious oils out and still be able to get some aroma benefits from them! Use 2 or 3 different bottles to create a Great EO Combo or fill your empty bottle with your favorite oils and keep next to your diffuser so you don't have to add all the oils one by one. We’ve got a number of amazing Diffuser Blend Recipes HERE.

​7. My favorite trick is to store empty bottles of essential oils open in a basket in my bathroom. (Because if there’s any room in my house that needs some more pleasing aromatherapy it’s the bathroom!!) Then I switch that out when I have a new empty bottle and the room is always filled with a hint of oils. And, if that’s not enough, add your 15 drops of favorite oils to your empty bottle, fill with distilled water and a splash of witch hazel to create the most gorgeous room spray! Simply add a spritz cap from Baggage & Co to your 5 or 15ml bottle and you've got yourself the perfect air freshener, fast & easy!

Really, the combinations of things you can use your empty oils bottles for is endless. Get creative, have some fun, but definitely don't just throw them in the trash!! How do you use your empty oils bottles??

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