How many of you reading this have busy kids? Like rambunctious, energetic, normal, love to have fun babes?? I’m pretty sure even if you have a child who’s bookworm quiet, you too have moments where you can totally relate!

My son is a normal 8 year old, and he is forever coming inside from times of play with cuts, bruises and everything in between. He plays hard; he’s a boy. And while I can blame a lot of that on him just being wild and cray, if I’m being honest, my daughter is pretty athletic herself and is very much the same way!

So here’s the trick: The most important essential oil to never be without if you have kids is Helichrysum. There are just so many things this oil can do! As a mom, you can literally be READY FOR ANYTHING with essential oils! Seriously, in a day and age when kids needs INSTANT relief, this meets that challenge!

Whenever my kids have a scrape, cut, a bruise, an owie, anything really,I love to put Helichrysum on it. Just one drop, twice a day. And although Lavender is still one of my top faves for anything skin related, there’s something about the assurance of how Helichrysum can stop bleeding in an instant that calms this mama’s heart and soothes her nervous babes. You can also apply a drop of Frankincense 30 seconds after Helichrysum. The Frankincense will help their body absorb the Helichrysum that much better. Anytime I see blood, the first thing I grab now is this oil!!!

Helichrysum is also known for helping with deep, intense anguish and turmoil. One of the best things I love this oil for is that it helps a child to be more thankful. So if one of my kiddos comes come grumpy or unhappy, this is a great oil to have them use as I help them navigate their emotions.

One bottle of this essential oil has 80-100 drops of oil in it. It literally lasts a LONG time since you generally only need 1 drop per use, depending on the issue. If you’re dealing with emotions, you don’t even need 1 drop-- just have the child smell the bottle! Within minutes, my kiddos attitude makes a switch and I’ll find that they are more GRATEFUL instead of miserable. P.S. It works great for us adults in that way too!!

Kids have a lot to deal with. School is HARD, friendships can be hard. The internet can be a mean and scary taunting ground and place of constant comparison. The situations our kids encounter are different than when we were kids, and the more I can help them work through those hard feelings, and dare I say influence their mood to one of gratitude, I’ll welcome that with open arms!! How about you?

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