Aaaah, Vacations...my favorite time of year. Time to get away from the everyday and unplug from reality. While vacations are amazing once you get there, we tend to worry we may forget that one thing we need when packing that will leave us frustrated or out of luck the entire time we're away. What's that one thing you always worry you'll leave home without?

One item we make sure we pack are our Essential Oils! We also don't leave home without our Berkey Water Filtration System (yes, we're those people who are super picky about the water we drink!! lol) or our diffuser. Here's our fave. Whether you are staying in the woods camping, or in a hotel somewhere fancy, or if you're like us in our cottage in Maine, we love to freshen the air, keep our seasonal discomforts at bay, and always cleanse the air and make any place we stay more inviting.

Here are our top 8 Essential Oils to never leave home without when travelling!


Lugging around baggage, walking through airports, and just about all aspects of travel can leave your muscles tired and worn out. And that's just getting you there! Once you arrive, you'll be walking, sightseeing, hiking, all the things. We need to keep our muscles soothed and fueled and help them recover so we can enjoy our stay.

Deep Relief is a blend of 9 invigorating essential oils like Wintergreen, Dorado Azul, and Peppermint. I’s the perfect travel companion. Apply Deep Relief to muscles for a refreshing, cooling sensation and invigorating scent that will inspire greater feelings of energy and positivity to help you stay motivated. Deep Relief Roll-On’s convenient, on-the-go packaging makes it easy to carry this blend in your travel bag, gym bag, purse, or hiking pack, so you can reach for it when you need it most!

Need an extra boost for your muscles? Try our Muscle Relief Massage Oil Recipe!


I don't leave my home to run to the corner store, let alone hop in the car for a 12 hour drive without this blend of tummy relieving essential oils! This Starter Kit Fave is a blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Lemongrass, Anise, Fennel and Patchouli is an exotic aromatic blend that works within minutes to calm any tummy rumbles.

My favorite way to use this is massaged topically around my (or my kiddos) belly button for quick relief. Another great way to use this oil is by adding a few drops to a clear vegetable capsule and ingesting with a glass of water.

I also love to mix up a roller bottle with 15 drops each of Digize and Peppermint Essential oils and fill the rest with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil. This provides for quick rolled on relief that we can keep tucked in our car, purse or travel bags and apply fast and easy as needed. For kiddos, Tummygize is also a great alternative!


Lavender is great for SO many things that it's no wonder this powerhouse made it to our list! From calming and soothing on long car rides and flights, to aiding in sleep and comfort when days last too long, to skincare to sunburns, to hormones and more, this oil wasn't named the "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils for nothing!

Diffusing this essential oil during your trip can create a sense of peace and relaxation. It's great inhaled out of the bottle when your nerves get the best of you on flights, and perfect for soothing that fussy babe when applied topically on neck and feet, as well as adding a couple drops to their favorite blankies or lovies. Lavender is also great applied on your kids diffuser bracelets during the day for instant stress relief.


Purification is great for ANYthing stinky. This is the perfect essential oil to diffuse in hotel rooms or musty cottages, or even used to spritz on linens for freshening up as needed. It's also great for stinky bathrooms, garbages, diffused in your kitchen after cooking something strong, or dropped into stinky shoes after a long day walking or hiking. SO MANY uses for this oil blend! Spritz, diffuse or apply anywhere there's something stinky!

Purification is the perfect hiking or camping companion as well. Apply topically to bottoms of feet 20 minutes before heading outdoors. This essential oil will work it's magic to change your body's pheromones and dispel those pesky annoyances from coming anywhere near you for a snack!

Purification is also great for dispelling feelings of anger too. So if you find yourself frustrated or irritated with things or people as you travel, this oil is a great one to take out and huff!!

Protip: Are you someone who tends to experience road rage? Add a couple drops onto a cotton ball and place inside a car vent. When the air blows out, so will your essential oil relief with it!


This is my secret weapon when I am on vacation. I use R.C. Essential Oil to battle through the time zone changes that come with many vacation getaways. The energizing scent is great for waking up in the morning or preparing for a long day of physical activity with the family. This brisk and refreshing aroma is a wonderful pick-me-up to brighten my senses, clear out my airways, and invigorate me for the day ahead.

R.C. Essential Oil is also great applied topically during physical activity, so when we take strenuous hikes or bike the carriage roads in Maine, this essential oil blend comes in handy. And when the seasonal discomforts hit or someone starts to feel a little out of sorts, this essential oil can be mixed with coconut oil and applied to the chest and the bottoms of the feet or diffused for soothing congestion relief.


Vacations often bring with them the urge to try new things. Things that take bravery and courage and a sense of confidence you may be lacking. When the excitement of your new adventure wears thin and you need some motivation, Valor Essential Oil is always the oil I grab.

Are you someone who gets uneasy or nervous among crowds? Planning on going into larger social settings? Valor is a great essential oil applied topically that will not only make you smell amazing, it will provide that "let your hair down" effect to your nerves and allow you to walk in confidence and be a little bit more outgoing than you may have felt before.

Valor is the oil we also use for our kids "Monster Spray" or in their diffuser at night. If they are scared of the dark, afraid to sleep in new places or simply having a hard time settling at bed, we pair Valor with Lavender for a combination that is out of this world for your babes and eases the into dreamland in peace and confidence.


Tea Tree is an incredible addition to any skincare routine, making this oil a great one to pack for every member of the family. It's got so many uses, from hair and scalp health to beautiful nails and fresh-looking skin.

I don't know about you, but my skin tends to go a little bonkers when I'm away from home and out of my normal routine. Eating foods that are new or maybe don't agree as well with me always tends to wreak havoc on my skin more than anything! Tea Tree is the first thing I grab for at the sign of a skin blemish since it works its best wonders as a spot treatment.

Tea Tree can also be used as a great natural deodorant when applied neat underarms or used as an owie oil to soothe any skin irritations. An extra bonus? It also dubs as a great substitute if you happen to forget your mouthwash!!

And last but not least...my absolute FAVE....


You will absolutely NEVER catch me without a bottle of Thieves Essential Oil. THIS is the oil that got me started with Young Living and has been my go to almost every day since the moment we met! This power-packed blend is filled with 5 of the strongest essential oils to support the immune system and so much more, cause no one wants to fall below the wellness line on vacation, am I right?!

Combining Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Clove, this blend not only smells spicy and warm, it is soothing, supportive and a staple in my collection.

My favorite vacation uses start as we begin to travel. We use Thieves on our hands to keep them clean, spritzed on handles in public restrooms and on the potty before we go. We cleanse the air, use before we eat, we apply to our feet diluted daily for immune support. We diffuse in our main living area where we stay, add to our hand soap blend for extra fighting power, and sprinkle on tissues to be placed around our cottage to make it smell amazing.

If our wellness needs a little boost, we will cozy up with a glass of Thieves Tea (1 drop Thieves, 1 Drop Copaiba, 1 small scoop organic raw honey mixed into hot water) to sip on and soothe our throats and bring us back to health.

Or we will add a couple drops to a clear vegetable capsule and ingest as needed about once a day.


Many of you will be getting on an airplane for your next family trip. If you're going to pack your essential oils in a checked bag, you will want to get a padded travel bag made especially for the oils bottles. This will keep your precious essential oils nice and safe during the trip through baggage, loading and unloading.

If you're taking your essential oils on the plane in a carry-on, you'll need to follow TSA Regulations and pack your oils into the same single quart -sized resealable bag with all other liquids. I've done with numerous times flying to Utah for Young Living's Convention with no problem!

Lastly, make sure to pack an inexpensive diffuser to take with you on your getaway. I love to bring our ORB Diffuser in the car and our Dew Drop or Desert Mist Diffuser that came with our Starter Kit just because I'm kind of spoiled like that. I love that they run all night long and give us the ambiance of a candle flicker!

For Even More Incredible Travel Tips, I have BONUS CONTENT FOR YOU HERE!!! Check it out and come oil with us, babe!!

Happy and Safe Travels to you, Friends!!


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