Product Spotlight: Cel-Lite Magic!

Looking good in a bikini or swimsuit is more about self-confidence and how you view yourself than it is about worrying about what other people think.

So I want to first encourage you to be happy in your own skin-because self shaming isn't healthy, friend!! Since it's way more common for women to have cellulite than men (hormones play a huge role and the way our muscle and fat are made up differ) , here's a little magic for you!!

+Cel-Lite Magic:

**Designed to nourish skin and help improve the appearance of texture**, this massage oil is made of vegetable oils, Vitamin E, and some pretty amazing essential oils too! Those oils include Grapefruit (to tackle skin texture), Juniper (to cleanse), plus Cedarwood and Clary Sage (for hormones)-my goodness, this stuff is INCREDIBLE!

Here's how we love to use it:

Either dry brush and than apply to any areas of concern, or simply add this to your massage regimen. The massage portion is a key way to use this oil, because it facilitates the flow of lymphatic fluid, which carries away metabolic waste from muscles and internal organs.

Pro Tip:

Want to amp it up a bit?! Add a 15 mL bottle of Grapefruit Essential Oil to Cel-Lite Magic to get that extra boost you need! And remember, results don't happen overnight. So grab this today and start using it for the BEST SUMMER CONFIDENCE BOOST EVA!

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