Summer Safety

While the sun provides great benefit, even too much of a good thing can cause problems. It is important to protect your skin when you are heading outdoors, but it is even more important to know what you are protecting it with.

Check out this article to learn more about the dangerous chemicals found in commercial sunscreen. Have no fear though; I’ve got you covered!

Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use because of its broad-spectrum protection and safe, effective ingredients.

If you do happen to soak up a few too many rays, the Lavaderm After-Sun Spray and Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter and perfect for soothing, cooling, and moisturizing the skin.

Here are a few other summer safety tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated

  • Don’t overdo it

  • Stay in the shade as much as possible

  • Wear clothing that is loose-fitting and light-colored

We hope you find this helpful! To seen another one of our Favorite Summer Spotlights, Click Here!!!

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