For all my candle loving friends out there. I feel you.

I AM you. I LOVE the ambiance of a flickering candle. Hence all the faux candles you’ll find around my house! But the blessing of diffusing instead? Well, first off, our diffusers offer that soft glow no matter which one you choose. Second, The Desert Mist. It has a candle flicker. The end. Ok, but in all seriousness, check this out


They smell "nice", but those scents are made from synthetic chemicals that can simply be labeled as “fragrance”. Many of those “fragrances” (the chemicals) in and of themselves are rated up there with cigarette smoke for allergens.

They actually reduce the quality of the air.

Phthalates are often found in scented candles and have been linked to allergic reactions, asthma related problems and are known to cause reproductive, immune and central nervous system problems.

Paraffin (found in many candle bases) is a petroleum byproduct. The ALA warns that when burned, these candles release carcinogenic chemicals into the air.

Imported candles may have lead or lead cores in the wick, which is then released into the air.

Toxic chemicals, such as Benzene - a known human carcinogen, are release by some candles.

The chemicals emitted by some candles, especially heavily scented ones, are similar to the fumes from car exhaust!

Almost 98% of the soy in the US is genetically modified & many soy candles are a combination of soy & paraffin. So unless clearly labeled as 100% soy, I’d steer clear. .


Cleans, purifies & reduces odors in the air. •Increases oxygen availability in the air.

Increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen & nutrients to the cells

Enhances mood & uplifts spirits.

Many essential oils improve concentration & mental clarity

Promotes restful sleep

Balances all the emotions.

Spreads wellness all around.

And we can make SO MANY AH-MAZING re-creations with our favorite diffuser blends!!

Friends, I don’t miss a THING about candles. We’ve got ENDLESS choices here with our oils-and they are ENHANCING our health instead of harming it. ‘Nuff Said, right?

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