Fall Festivities & Vanilla Maple Body Polish

Anyone else get doe eyed dreaming about September? The second we start to feel that chill in the air, all we can think about is pumpkin spiced everything and cozy sweater weather! So we thought, why not throw a fall fest?! There's so much to celebrate and embrace when it comes to fall: tasty treats and baked goods, apple picking and apple cider, all the cozy blankets and of course the smell of crisp leaves and warm diffuser blends!!

Our community is having tons of fun already and we thought we'd offer you a sneak peak here too. I mean, the more the merrier, am I right? Plus, we want to show you what you're missing, and how you can join in all the fun with us too!!!

Day One's line up included:

Pumkin Butter Tutorial with Shelby Vanilla Almond Body Polish with Krista Pumkin Skincare Mask with Kasey

And because errrrry girl needs a great body polish, we decided go share that recipe here!!

(photo by Clover and Clem)

Did you know many exfoliating skincare products on the market use plastic for their abrasion qualities?! Not this one!!

Sharing with you the most amazing Vanilla Maple Body Polish-so we can amp up our fall skincare routine with some pampering & exfoliation!!

Vanilla Maple Body Polish:

20 drops Stress Away Essential Oil

(Or Orange Essential Oil smells dreamy too!!)

1/4 tsp Clear Vanilla Extract

1/4 tsp Maple Extract

1/2 C Solid White Coconut Oil

1/2 C Organic Sugar

Add to a 4 oz mason jar-stir and exfoliate!!

Click the video down below for a quick how-to:

Benefits of Using Essential Oils verses other forms of Fragrance:

The term fragrance on a product can house up to 3,000 (yes, that says three thousand!!) toxic synthetic ingredients hidden under that one word. The reason being is due to the Toxic Substance Control Act passed in the 1970's. This law grandfathered in over 100,000 toxic ingredients without any safety testing. (Fragrance was grandfathered in as well, because of "trade secret" ingredients). And what was safety tested wasn't marked toxic unless more than 50% of the animals they tested it on actually died. Nevermind if they experienced any other symptoms. Do you want to take that risk? I sure don't! Especially with my kiddos!

This led me to do a little research what kinds of ingredients were in my products. I was totally surprised at what I found! If you're curious what to look for when going through your home and flipping over labels, download our Ditch & Switch Guide for some helpful tips!

Also, a great documentary to watch is Stink, which breaks down the discovery that some products on American store shelves are not safe, by design.

A little fun facts about essential oils:

Young Living Essential Oils are 70-90 times more concentrated than the plant it came from.

The human body contains 100 trillion cells. One drop of essential oil contains 40 MILLION TRILLION molecules. This means that one drop of an essential oil can cover every cell in the human body with 40 million molecules!!

Ready to get started with your kit too? Join Our Community HERE!

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