Finding Joy In Who You Are Right Now

I wonder how many times I stole my own joy bc I didn’t measure up to what I thought I was supposed to be. Did you know God takes you as you are and loves you right where you are at? I preach, PREACH, to my girlfriends about celebrating the journey and rejoicing in every little step we take. About having grace for the everyday and for celebrating ALL our wins, even the ones we think are small.

When we chase after success or an image of who we want to be, like it’s an actual race, but yet never feel like we are reaching the finish line, it’s because we’re striving after a perfection or an image in a way God did not intend for us to do.

Today’s service was about finding TRUE rest and satisfaction in Jesus Christ-all the other things we‘re STRIVING after just take up extra energy. We can have an abundance of joy, an abundance of belief, an abundance of energy to do all that we have to do, and then put the work in to become better versions of ourselves, ONLY when we first find ourselves RESTING in the Son.

What I want for you is you finding JOY in who you are right now, at whatever stage of your journey you are in. Loving yourself RIGHT where you are at and trusting Jesus to help you walk through all the rest. That’s what FREEDOM looks like.

Today I am believing in all the promises of God over my life. How amazing would that feel if you just did that too? Here’s your reminder mama!!

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