Rollin' into September like we ownnnn it!!!

Rollin’ into September (literally, rolling on this incredible wellness blend of essential oils!!) like we ownnnnn it!!! 🎉🙌🏻✨

Do you wanna know how my fam and I stay well?? We fuel our body with good nutrition, we take our supplements, and we bathe ourselves with the most life-giving, therapeutic grade essential oils. Now that doesn’t mean we aren’t still obsessed with sweets!! It’s pumpkin spice latte season for goodness sakes!! 🤣🥰

If you’ve never tried oils for wellness (or you’ve tried Aveda or Target oils and they just haven't worked) then you need to try Young Living!! They are THE most pure, unadulterated essential oils on the planet-and they have truly given us so much freedom in this life!! It’s been over a decade since we’ve been to the doctors for a sick visit-I’d say our proactive approach is doing something right.

Do we not get sick? Ummmm...I have messy, germy kids. Of course we do! But we fuel our bodies with wellness and we get sick LESS than most. And when we do catch something, we have everything we need at home to fuel it with nature's goodness. No rushing to the doctors and no middle of the night cough syrup runs!

Here’s what we do:

We grab ourselves a glass roller bottle (we love these from@whimsyandwellness) and add 15 drops each of these essential oils:

Thieves + Frankincense + Lemon (and if necessary, 5 drops of Oregano too!!)

Top with a carrier oil

Roll on neck, down spine and on bottoms of feet.

For maintenance we try and apply this daily. For an extra immune boost when not feeling well, we apply up to every 30 minutes and diffuse this goodness too.

Have you tried this oily combo yet? Oily peeps -what are your favorite wellness combinations?

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