The Ultimate Guide To Moving Out Of State!

Have you been considering selling your home-or even more, moving out of state once you do? If this is you, you’re not alone. Currently my family and I are walking through that exact same thing!! Here are my tips to help you along the way 💗


As with anything big we do in life, we need to know our WHY. And in order to follow through when things get tough, we need to make it STRONG. Moving is such a big decision and it affects so many areas of our life. For our family it involved 2 years of planning and building up our resources. And when we began to doubt, we always steered back to what made us want to leave. Our Why. And it was stronger than any doubts we had and was the only thing that kept us going when things felt hard.

You might be thinking, “Krista, it’s just a move, I’ve done this before, you’re being so dramatic.” That may be true for someone else, but the heartache of leaving all we know and love was a difficult decision. Yet when we changed the way we looked at this, we began to see it as our new adventure! And that’s exactly what it became.

If you’re planning any kind of move, know that leaving the memories you’ve made within your 4 walls will definitely be hard, but the blessings yet to come will also be just as amazing. Know your why and you’ll have less regrets and more anticipation!

Here’s Ours:

Freedom for our children to live within our beliefs

Future Opportunity for our Children

Homeschooling Rights & Community

Medical Choice & Freedoms

Lower Cost of Living

It all came down to providing a better life and future for our children and living in a state that was more free. What’s your why? Start by writing down all the reasons you’re considering leaving and include your spouse and kids in making this decision.


What I found is that when planning a move, it’s easy to get overwhelmed wondering where to start. That being said, I want to simplify the process for you. We've heard multiple horror stories of movers who have lost or delayed delivery of friends belongings, charged extra last minute, or people who have moved without realizing the culture of the area they chose to plant themselves in. Here are some tips for what we did to ensure we made the best decisions possible.

  • Create a Network & Make Connections with like minded individuals or those who have gone before you.

  • Look into the current job market + thriving local industries for employment opportunities.

  • Join like minded FB Groups for Support-there are TONS of them!

  • Ask a LOT of questions

  • Get Referrals! This part is SO important. From things like realtors, moving companies, pods, homeschool opportunities and co-ops, construction companies, and residents who live in the area you're considering moving to.

  • Interview multiple realtors. Here's why: You want to make sure you’re choosing someone reputable to help you with your move who has had success in the current housing market. There are so many details that tie into the entire selling and buying process. Do they ask the right questions? Will they be a good negotiator? How will they determine the pricing of your home if you plan to sell? Do you connect with their communication style?

  • Share Research & Spreadsheets with other people moving and ask for sources for their information.

  • Ask for lists of doctors, holistic practices, chiropractors, pediatricians, etc from those you meet within your network groups.

  • Look thoroughly into medical freedoms and laws if that is important to you.

  • Consider the area you move to may not have all the stores you are used to shopping at. Check into that first, especially if eating grass fed, free range, organic, non-GMO and/or allergy friendly foods is important to you.


Moving out of state can cost upwards of $10k depending on different factors. Things like where you plan to move, how many items you need to pack, the cost of movers in your area, if you need to store your belongings or rent an airbnb until your home is ready. You may also need to consider the cost of packing supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, bins, a dolly and rope or latches to secure your items once they are loaded.

Here are some tips to help you as you prepare:

*Minimize the amount of belongings you take with you. The less you have to pack, the less you have to pay for moving trucks and storage. Renting a 28 ft trailer and a portion of a second one sounded like an excellent idea for our 2400 square foot home but storing our belongings would cost a tremendous amount after the first two months (to the tune of $900/trailer!). Because of this, we decided to fit EVERYthing into one. But that meant we'd have to pick and choose between what we truly needed.

*Sell (donate or give away) as many items as you can and set that money aside into a special moving fund. Start by going through your kid’s drawers and pick out items they are growing out of. Set them aside by size or season and sell them on FB Marketplace in bundles.

*Do the same with unneeded tools, furniture, seasonal items you may no longer need, or yard supplies. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Don’t overlook the value of the things you own. Every penny counts and even $5 adds up and contributes to your fund.

*Stop unnecessary spending. Avoid eating out as much, skip the Starbs (I know, that was hard for me!!) and focus on putting your tax refund, extra cash or gift money away to use for moving.

*Take advantage of as many free resources as possible. Oftentimes you can go on FB and hop into groups that are giving items away for free. Take advantage of getting cardboard boxes and packing materials from others who have gone before you or from stores like Target or your local grocers who would gladly give them to you for free. That’s how our family avoided this expense. You can even create a post of your own on your fb page. You’d be surprised how many people would LOVE for you to take these items off their hands.


We tried to keep morale up by making the process super fun for our kids. This meant less strict schedules, yet still keeping some kind of order. Our neighbor was great and took the kids 3 days per week to help with homeschooling, we set up regular play dates to make sure the kids were able to get that special time with their friends, and we allowed for some extra movie nights to keep them almost feeling like it was "vacation". We also made sure to keep up with our Sunday dinners with family and avoided packing and work on that day. Although we had a lot to do, honoring the Lord’s Day and continuing with our family traditions kept everybody happy. Extra family game nights were fun too.

Why is this important? Kids develop such strong bonds with those they love and it’s important to let them not feel severed just because you move. We planned out special “going away” gifts and letters for their friends and family and made sure to get creative making each person we were close to feel extra special. The planning and excitement kept the kids focused on the good and not the sad.


To keep this post evergreen, I will start by saying that no matter whether you’re living through a pandemic or not, the market is always shifting. Connect with a realtor who knows their stuff (here’s who I used if you’re in the Rochester, NY area) and remain in contact with them frequently to discuss the shifts and changes as you plan.

Life can throw us curveballs, jobs change and moving times may occur sporadically. But if at all possible, ensure you list at the most opportune time and at the right price to drive interest and increase profits on your sale.

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to selling is choosing the right realtor for the job who will work in your best interest, and don’t price your home based on emotion, work strategically to price right.

Sometimes we look at our spaces that over the years we have loved and raised families in and we place value on our space based on feelings and not off what a non-emotionally attached buyer would be investing in. It can be hard to separate emotion from a dollar sign, but remember this: our personal value is not measured in numbers but in the love and memories we’ve built over the years.

If you still feel very unsettled with your realtor’s suggestion, before hiring them, get a second opinion and don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions. A good realtor will work to make you feel comfortable and describe the reasons why you should list the way they suggest.


As the country has changed, so has the housing market, including real estate supply and demand. Currently, we are experiencing what’s being called a seller's market- meaning there are more buyers than homes available to purchase...and this limited availability is driving prices up. Sellers have the unique advantage of strategically higher pricing, and buyers are bidding higher to ensure they get their dream home.

I’d love to share with you a snippet from our story. Prior to the actual pandemic, we met with our agent and evaluated the value of our home. After looking at many factors, we chose a list price of $175k expecting to get on our around that dollar amount. As we re-evaluated our situation after the pandemic hit, the sale prices of comparable homes in our area lent to us the ability to price fair but ask for a little more. With multiple showings, 15 offers and about 3-4 in a bidding war with escalation clauses, we let the buyers determine what they were willing to pay and we settled on an offer of $230k!!! That’s $40k over asking but $50k over what we originally hoped to get. That’s CRAZY but it’s been the biggest blessing to have that cushion in our pocket in this market.


Don’t think you have to wait to list til your home is perfect. Sellers hold a lot of power right now and buyers can’t be very picky. When we decided the plan was for us to list our home, we began some projects we’d been wanting to fix that we had been sitting on for a little while. But mostly they were small cosmetic issues-things you look over but buyers may notice when they are walking through your home.

Want a list of simple things to tackle that don’t require a lot of work?

* Simplify decor and pair down tabletop items into groups of 3.

* Touch up paint on your cabinets with a wood marker

* Have lumpy carpets stretched if necessary or simply cover with a cute inexpensive area rug.

* Buyers are most likely going to change your paint colors when they move in anyways, but tone down super bright or bold colors with a more neutral option for easy showing.

* Clean up landscaping outdoors and add a couple potted plants around your front door


Order a bunch of food, invite over a group of friends, turn the music up loud and have a packing party!!

Packing all by yourself can become daunting and overwhelming and I remember feeling frozen not knowing where to start. I always teach my team (as well as my kids when I teach homeschool) to take the bigger task and break it down into the small. I needed to do this with packing too. So what did I do?

I went room by room with a notebook and pen and wrote down how to pack each portion by section. When I was done I looked at my list and chose the best room to start with first.


Paxking supplies can get a bit pricey and add up quick. Don’t overspend when you can get many supplies for free! You can get most of this online from friends, Facebook groups, and stores looking to get rid of shipping boxes!! Keep costs low so you can save instead for where you’re going to go!

Here’s a list of necessities you’re going to need:

Plastic storage bins


Bubble wrap

Styrofoam wrap

Packing paper

Packing Tape

Tape gun

Permanent Marker

Color coded electrical tape for labeling electronics and wiring


Another important thing to remember is that when you can not do the work yourself and you need to hire out, SHOP AROUND. Choosing reputable movers or a pod service that will deliver on time, with the price they quoted (and not add on extra or hidden fees) will take some research. My rule of thumb in quoting ANY service is my rule of 3. I always get written quotes from at least 3 different companies so that I can review and share all they have to offer. Then I look at reviews and sometimes also ask friends, family or my social media besties what their experience has been with any of the companies. This helps me to get honest reviews from people I trust and make a more knowledgeable decision.

In the end, you want to be happy with YOUR decision and do what's best for your circumstances and families needs. By shopping around and reading reviews, you will save yourself from being robbed of precious time, money, and inconvenience.

No matter where you're planning to move, remember, you can always make ANY house a home. It will take time to adjust to your new surroundings, decorate, meet new people and find community for all the things. Add some family photos, place diffusers with emotionally supporting aromas all throughout your home. create new (or continue old) family traditions, and enjoy exploring all your new location has to offer. But remember this...what matters most is the attitude you choose to take toward your experience.

We had so much fun calling this our new adventure! And we'd often say "we'll figure it out" and "put one foot in front of the other" so as not to get overwhelmed. Trusting God for His Provisions was a huge part of our journey when we faced moments of discouragement, doubt, or despair in leaving those we love. "And my God shall supply all my needs, according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ." - Philippians 4:19. He has been so faithful every step of the way and He can be your rock and stronghold too!

Do you have questions I didn't address in this series? Leave them in the comments below and I'll have fun answering them for you as best I can! If you found this series helpful, be sure to share with others who might need this :)

Best Wishes on your moving journey!

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