YOU Are The Gatekeeper

Just wanted to share this little PSA since we are living in a different kind of world right now.

You are the parent of your babes. Always will be-even when they are 25 and having babies of their own!! (My littles will still be my babies even when they are old and gray and have saggy skin!! haha)

That means YOU are in charge of their health and wellness. No one else. You get to teach them to be empowered and how to treat and respect their own bodies. You get to be the gatekeepers of their bodies until they can be that for themselves. HOW freaking cool is that?!

You get to decide what is best for them based on your mama instincts. Listen to those instincts. Lean into them. Do some digging and research if you feel called to. There is so much going on in this day and age that it can seem hard to know what's right. But I know you feel it -that nagging within you to create a better future for your babes. The answers are often right in front of us, it just takes a little bravery. So here is my push to call you into greatness. YOU CAN do this mama. You have power in your voice and actions.

We need to start somewhere, let that somewhere be within our homes. And let it trickle out to standing up for what is right, outside of them.

Know. your. rights. You are the parent. You do what YOU think is best for your babies, whatever that is.

Sending you so much love today.

xx -- Mama on a Mission

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