Family is EVERYthing. Even when your kid

I know how it feels to NEED the opportunity. To step into the role of stay at home mom and find our incomes reduced more than double what we earned before. For years, I would tell myself there has GOT to be a better way. We chose to give up "the frills" of life in order to walk in the vision of me being home to raise our family, and I knew that starting out. But, at that same time, did it have to mean that our finances, our ability to save and pay off debt, the desire to provide simple things like gymnastics and basketball for our kids, had to suffer and go without too? I was always searching for a way to contribute to our needs from home. And I was always left feeling defeated, so many dollars and so many dreams away. 

At the same time, we were beginning to realize our desire to provide a home that was toxin-free.  I looked at prices and tried to find a balance between healthy foods, and safe, clean items for our home.  As frustration mounted, we began to experience the limiting belief that living well was totally out of reach. But why? It was happen-chance (or rather a total God moment) that led us across the path of friends who were newly sharing this Young Living Opportunity. I wasn't on board at first, after years of total skepticism. But I was willing to at least LISTEN to the possibilities. 

My heart began to change after experiencing what it felt like to help my younger sister. She was a new mama and she was just as passionate to provide a healthy life for her daughter too. I helped her get started and received my first commissions-and it was in that moment that I realized this could provide a better way! The income opportunity is REAL. It can provide something as simple as a $50 check here and there, to getting your monthly wellness products completely free, to begin contributing to a car payment and paying a mortgage, to paying off debt, funding adoptions, building your dream home, contributing to your favorite charities, furthering the gospel and providing TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM in ways you may not have thought possible before. I know I didn't think it was possible, and now I am a living testimony. 

When I started, I KNEW in my heart that my purpose was to help other families experience this freedom too. Health and financial opportunities that didn't have to be limited by beliefs and choices. You CAN walk in abundance-using your natural skills and talents, working this business around your life and circumstances. When you love what you do, when you wake up sharing something that truly makes you happy and fulfilled, the business becomes a ripple effect. You share a lifestyle you LOVE, WITHOUT feeling salesy and fake. You get to share YOU and your stories, in your own unique way.

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