First of all… welcome!!! Congrats on making your first step towards an incredible adventure. Under The Myrtle Tree is all about empowering each other to pursue both professional and personal freedom. We are here to help you achieve that and more! Make sure you join the The Leaders Lounge for ongoing love and support and click this intro link for a look into the opportunity!


Create a personal sign up link
that you can shorten and add to social media profiles and to text and emails. We recommend for shortening or All it takes to share is this link and explaining the benefits of wholesale!

Get to know your kit. You want to be a product of the product and 99% of new Young Living members begin with a Premium Starter kit and you want to be able to share it comfortably with others. We recommend the KISSED presentation for classes and coffee dates.

Enroll in Essential Rewards. A 100 PV order on Essential Rewards each month guarantees ALL of your commissions and bonuses! Next sign up for PV Assistant to ensure you never drop below if something goes out of stock!

Add Oily Tools to your phone.!!  You will get back in stock notifications, hourly commission updates and new ranker announcements as well as tons of amazing statistics on your business!

Get to know your Virtual Office. We recommend checking once in the am and once in the pm to make sure all of your members are taken care of and so that you don’t miss exciting things like new ranks!

Understand how to structure your business.  This is crucial! You want six “managers” of all of your members that you place your new members within the first FIVE levels of their team to help them hit ranks, build momentum and to get your members the proper support they need. You have five days to move new members via live chat/email and 30 days via

Share your oils! Talk about how you use them! Offer a 3ml or 5ml sample roller to a friend, or let them borrow your diffuser and a couple oils for a night or two. Invite a friend to do this with you! Have all things point to the kit, since that’s where you started and its the very best value!

Set up Direct Deposit! Log into your virtual office, click my account and update your banking information. Your commissions will be deposited aroud the 18th of the following earning month. 


Young Living offers a very generous referral program. Your first goal is just to get your oils paid for. Get your Essential Rewards order covered! You don’t need to know the compensation plan right off that bat.. Straightforward: You’ll get a $50 Thank You check from Young Living for every person who enrolls with YOU with a Premium Starter Kit. Amazing right?!

​Enroll 2 people in a month; you’ll get $100 check

3 People; $150..

6 People; $300 – see where this is going.

You don’t have to SELL anything.. just share your love for oils.



Enroller: The person responsible for personally introducing a new distributor to Young Living. Enrollers are eligible to qualify for financial bonuses, including the Fast Start and Starter Kit bonuses.

Sponsor: A new distributor’s direct upline and main support. The sponsor may also be the enroller.

Personal Volume (PV): Many products sold by Young Living have a Personal Volume (PV) amount assigned to them. The volume of products that are purchased is reflected in PV. PV is one of the requirements for ranking within the compensation plan, and it accumulates throughout each commission period.

Organization Group Volume (OGV): Organization Group Volume is the entire sales volume of a sales organization. This can be determined by calculating the sum of the PV of all the distributors and customers within a particular organization. OGV accumulates throughout each commission period and starts over at the beginning of each month.

Personal Group Volume (for Silver and Higher Ranks) – (PGV): For Silver or higher ranks in the compensation plan, Personal Group Volume is determined by the sales volume of the organization directly supported by the distributor. PGV accumulates throughout each commission period. This is the sum of PV from the distributor down to, but not including, the next Silver or higher rank for each leg of the sales organization. PGV in these cases does not include any Silver or higher rank and the entirety of volume in their organization. PGV also does not include any volume from qualifying legs used for rank qualification in a commission period.

Upline: Any distributor above another distributor in a sales organization.
Retail Earnings: Retail earnings are the amount that is earned by the distributor from the purchases of personally sponsored customers. Young Living treats each customer as the sponsoring distributor’s customer. Young Living pays the qualifying sponsor the approximate 24% difference between the retail and wholesale price of products, if the distributor qualifies as “active” with at least a 50 PV monthly order. See PV Minimum.
Unilevel: Unilevel is a form of commission that is earned through the compensation plan. Qualifying distributors earn 8% on the sales volume, or PV, of each distributor on the first level within their organization, 5% on the second level, and 4% on the third through fifth levels.

Legs: This is probably one of the most common words you’ll hear in this business. The definition of a leg is as follows:

“A leg is the sales organization that extends from each personally sponsored distributor. The qualification status of a leg is determined by the OGV in that leg. A distributor must have at least 100 PV at the top of the leg in order for it to qualify. If a distributor fails to qualify with 100 PV within a calendar month, the qualifying legs under him or her will “roll up,” for rank qualification purposes, to the next qualifying upline with 100 PV.

Income Opportunity

So, with all this talk about business, it’s only fitting that we share the income disclosure statement! We want you to SEE the possibility that comes with hard work in this business. This isn’t a joke – there are many of us living a life of financial freedom. It’s worth every minute I spend on this business.

To view the full disclosure statement click here.



Here’s a few tips that will be good to keep in your back pocket:

1. Find your thing. What I mean by that is find the thing you’re good at in this business and work it. Maybe you rock at social media, then work it. Maybe you rock at vendor events, then work it. Maybe you rock at in-home classes, then work it. Just find your thing and make it good.

At the same time, it’s also good to step out of our comfort zone and try new things. If we always do the social media thing, maybe we need to try an in-home class. We will never know what we can do until we step out and try it.

2. Social Media Tips – These are some excellent tips I learned from a social media class recently:

-Be You. Share your favorites & what you’re using. What do you want people to read/hear/see from you when you post. Don’t stress branding. You can create your own brand if you’d like, but you are welcome to be as much of the Under The Myrtle Tree brand as you’d like. This is OUR TEAM & OUR BRAND, together!

-For every oil post on your personal social media pages, post 5 “I’m human and not a salesperson” posts. People want to get to know YOU!

-When you do post about oils, make it relevant to your life – STORIES SELL. Share a tip, recipe you’ve made, etc. And you don’t need to mention “contact me for more details” on these types of posts. People know to contact you, promise!

3. In home class Tips –
-Have your product guide laminated and made into a spiral bound and teach from this during your class. It goes over everything – Seed to Seal, How to use Oils, and the Starter Kit. AND, it shows the people in class that they could do this too – that it’s easy!

-Pass around each oil and allow them to smell. If you’re feeling generous, you can allow people to use 1 drop of each oil, but that is up to you.

-Make sure to offer an incentive for those who purchase a kit THAT NIGHT. Maybe a free oil, reference guide, etc. Just get them excited to buy the kit!

4. You can sign up your spouse!! As of August 1st, 2018 you can do this business together, work through the ranks and build to RCD together! Just make sure your spouse is on your first or second level. You can also take advantage of placing your 300pv ER orders on their new account the first 3 months they are a member to maximize the 25% payout on commissions. Just make sure you have 100pv on your own account for commissions.

5. Keep track of all your expenses! Even if you’re just starting out, keeping your receipts and expenses all in one place will save you a lot of time and headache when tax season comes around.


Ready to rock this business?! High Five!!

We always recommend giving yourself 3-5 years to really get going with this business. We call this the 4 year career for a reason. You cannot get the kind of raise or see the kind of money this business offers in 4 years. When people start and then give up after 6 months, it just doesn’t make sense! Nobody can go to school for 6 months and get their 4 year degree. Why then, do we expect for our business to be booming in 6 months?

Just because some in the past have zoomed past every rank, very fast…doesn’t mean that’s doable for every person. We have to look at our own journey, not theirs. Do not compare yourself! You don’t know what that person had going on in their life to get them to where they are. They might have had years of training and education to make them an “overnight success”. Really, nobody is an overnight success. We all have years of behind the scenes work that nobody sees, so don’t get discouraged when it seems like others are moving along faster than you.

Remember that the seeds you plant today, may not bloom for years to come – and that’s okay! But always remember, the fortune is in the follow-up.

​Now, write some goals down. What do you want to happen in 3 months, 6 months.. 3 years.. 5 years. Even if it seems too big, we need big dreams!! Often times we need something bigger than ourselves to push us. ​

Write down your WHY. Why do you want to do this? What would you like to see happen? Financial freedom, to be debt-free? Have your spouse home? Be able to buy all-organic food? Travel the world? Big or small, write down your why.

Imagine you are pushing a car up a hill. At the beginning it’s HARD. But you keep pushing anyway. You wake up with the drive, that motivation – your “why” in your sights everyday. As you continue up the hill, you are feeling stronger, it’s not as hard.. then you reach a plateau. It’s kinda rolling itself along without much effort on your part. Then you hop in and enjoy the ride down the hill!! That is why this company, and this style of MLM is amazing!


Keep this simple. It’s easy to make things hard, complicated and create excuses. But simple is easily duplicated – and this biz is about duplication.

Find a script.. or not. Want to do a class? I went with a script for every class I’ve done. I don’t know it all and it’s easy for me to go down some unrelated rabbit hole.. But some people thrive by the seat of their pants. Share however you would like.

In-home gathering – 1:1 – Make & Take – Online. Find what works for you.

In-home classes can be simple.. note paper, pens, water + oils to smell.. or you can throw in some Lavender Lemonade.. simple.

1:1 – take someone out to coffee.. or message your upline to see if someone who has an iTOVi scanner that would like to join in.. very few people will pass on a coffee and convo about oils. Share a few samples with them.

Make & Take. Young Living has made this SO easy. Grab yourself a DIY Kit for $60 and you have a make & take party in box.. 6 people can each make 3 things, take home an Essentials Magazine and get started on their own oily journey. We often times let people know that $10 covers supplies. Structure it however you’d like.

Online or Text classes are easy. We have classes formatted for FB & Instagram stories in our Google Drive files. You can also text these. Hosting a FB class? Just copy and paste your script (included with our files) and attach the corresponding image or graphic ever 3-5 minutes on a Facebook Event Page. Encourage people to ask questions and get people excited!

We’d love to help you with your first class, just let us know what dates work for you and what kind of class you’d like to host!


Start with our 2 Week Mentorship in our Exclusive Team Resources Section. Posts & videos dedicated to learning the business at a easy pace and filled with income-producing-activities. Your password is: teammyrtletree*


Reach out to your sponsor with any questions.

Take the Virtual Office Tour and get to know your green!!