So you want to build a business by sharing your love of natural solutions or essential oils? We are here to help mentor and guide you! My name is Krista Juliana and I am a Young Living Silver Leader. I’ve been able to build a business by sharing the power of these oils and now I help and mentor other women to do the same!  To be honest, many of us stumbled into the business side of this by accident. In fact, we like to say that we are a team of unlikely suspects. We started using essential oils then fell in love with Young Living’s safe, natural options for our families, then couldn’t help but tell others about our experiences.

So what would you do with an extra $500, $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000+ per month? -Pay off debt? Travel? Fire your boss? Retire your spouse? Send your kids to private school? Homeschool? Pay down your mortgage? This is an exciting opportunity for you to change your path!

By now you may have caught a glimpse of how much fun we have and how helping amazing people like yourself learn and incorporate oils into their families lives brings us  SUCH incredible joy! So much so that we pinch ourselves every time the month comes to an end, and that glorious paycheck shows up in our mailbox!  For us, that paycheck represents so many families being impacted. It represents freedom; freedom that comes from living and feeling WELL, and freedom that comes from working a job that is a perfect fit for the dreams and vision you have for yourself and your family.


If you can see yourself doing what we do, in your own glorious way, let us know and we will answer any questions you have and provide all of the resources you will need to get you started! Our lives have been forever changed by this business and every single step of the way has been more than worth it. There is always room at the table for more--come join us!

Your reason may be that you want to quit your 40 hour per week job. You may want to stay at home with your kids. You may want to experience financial freedom. You may have found you have a passion for this lifestyle and can't help but share. Or you may want the community of women that comes with this team. You may want to step into better health and do an overhaul on your body and home. Whatever your reason, you deserve it. You deserve it all. And each of us is willing and excited to help you begin to realize that each and every bit of it is possible. Let's chat and help you get started! 





Any time we mention finances, we want to show you the FACTS.

Below is the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement at each rank within the company.



Income Disclosure .jpg



Click the video below and hear from Ryan Hase,

a Young Living Diamond, as he talks all about

the dollars & cents of a YL Business & how building

such a business could ruin your retirement plans!!





Competitive Compensation: Young Living offers a comprehensive compensation plan with the potential to earn commissions and bonuses. 

Wholesale Pricing: Save 24 percent off retail pricing on Young Living products and save even more money with exclusive specials and promotions every month.

Essential Rewards: As a member, you are eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program and earn as much as 25% each order back in Essential Rewards points.

Exclusive Experiences: Participate in unique events such as the Global Leadership Cruise and our annual International Grand Convention, and experience our Seed to Seal® process firsthand at farm harvests and plantings.

Community: Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your sponsor, the entire Young Living family is ready to assist and encourage you in your journey.

Education: Young Living provides ongoing health education opportunities through conventions, seminars, and newsletters to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress.

Recognition: As you expand your organization and advance toward the prestigious rank of Royal Crown Diamond, you will enjoy special recognition for your accomplishments and leadership!

Young Living’s compensation plan is very generous, and the best part about it is that you have the ability to earn residual income.





Our Team at Under the Myrtle Tree offers extensive resources to help get you started— no sales experience required. Most of us don't have huge networks or backgrounds in health and wellness, either. We simply thrive on educating our family and friends by planting seeds about our success stories. It just happens organically. 


Our private groups and trainings are designed to help you achieve, with us by your side you can not fail! This tribe of love and friendship will sustain you as you venture into an at home business – you do not have to know it all, you just have to put it in the work. Being a Young Living member goes beyond simply building a rewarding business, however. You’ll also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community.


We are teachers, students, stay-at-home moms and dads, and entrepreneurs. One thing we have in common: we all LOVE our oils. Whether you're looking to get some more information, want to dip your toe in the water, or are ready to start building, we are here to answer all of your questions:


"But I'm not a salesperson!" — We have built our businesses not by being rockstar salespeople, but by simply sharing the products we love in order to help those around us. We use social media and word of mouth to connect with others and tell our personal success stories using Young Living products. Then, we wait for people to come to us rather than hounding them to buy oils.


We have a blast teaching in-person classes and online workshops as a team! Nervous to share because of how people might respond? Think of who you could help by telling your story! We have seen incredible testimonies of health through Young Living, so we encourage you to be honest and open to vulnerability and connection.


"How will I ever know everything?" — In this business, there is no need to be an expert. Oils work differently for everyone so we teach in a way that empowers people to do their own research. No one person has all the answers, but we do have amazing resources to plug into. These resources include Facebook groups with team contributions and active discussions, leadership calls, and comprehensive training videos.


We also offer beautiful class templates and professional, cohesive marking materials that make it simple to build a business without reinventing the wheel. Our groups are full on engagement, positivity and team building. Our leaders make themselves available to help us reach our goals, so rest assured you will have support every step of the way.

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